Andre Soukhamthath Wedding


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An Asian Sensational Wedding!

Andre Soukhamthath Wedding

If you guys didn’t know, I got married about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been with my wife for almost 10 years now. We’ve had some great times together and shared plenty of memories. Of course life has its ups and downs but we stuck together and surpassed all of the challenges that were geared towards us. We had our wedding closer to home (Rhode Island) in Milford, Massachusetts. We were originally thinking about having our wedding in South Florida, possibly in Delray Beach. We both then decided that it was important to us, that our friends and family from back home would be able to attend our wedding with no travel issues.

The week of the wedding was a blast! Leading up to the wedding, I really found myself catching up with old friends and spending some quality time with my two younger brothers. Since they were both in my wedding party, we did a lot of things together that week. I am glad my 22 year old bro put some time aside for his big bro. My 12 year old brother however, loves hanging out with me. He would do anything I ask of him even when he didn’t want to, so it was no surprise to me that he was ready to hang out with his big bro. It was nice hanging with them and getting our tuxedos tailored together.

Courtesy of Kym Lyn Photography
Courtesy of Kym Lyn Photography

While I was busy with my brothers and my friends, my wife was busy doing her thing with her friends. I am sure she had fun catching up with family as well. Both of my boys spent time with the in laws and my parents. I was really happy to see my parents and my kids together. It really made my week. It also gave both my wife and I time to go out and do the things we needed to do to prepare for our wedding.

My wife and I spent meeting after meeting, every day of the week, with different vendors making sure that our day would go as perfect as we planned. It sure was exhausting, but we had to get down to business and get everything done. It was a lot of work, but it beat being on the internet all day searching for keywords, and having to handle my portion of SEO work at the office. Don’t get me wrong, I love working at a Delray Beach SEO company, but I love being with my wife a whole lot more!

The whole week went by so fast. And then BOOM the wedding day has finally arrived. Nothing seemed to be going right for me that morning. I woke up with a huge allergic reaction. I had hives all over my hips and a fat lip. I was so confused as to why this was happening. I did panic a little. We rushed to the pharmacy and purchased some non-drowsy allergy medicine. Thank goodness it worked. After that my party and I grabbed lunch and headed back to the hotel room to get dressed.

So here I am, all dappered out and as fly as can be with my custom made suit. I swear this suit could’ve made it on the homepage of the Armani custom website. The boys look good, I looked good, the photographers and videographers we hired looked good.  Everything was going smoothly. That is until I reached up to gel my hair. As I did that, the top button on my custom made suit goes flying into the air as I slowly watch my brother trying to catch it on his way down. It slips between his fingers and ends up in the drain. Now I am buttonless and I start to panic. I knew who to call in this situation. The person I called was my father.

He then came into the room ready with a selection of fancy buttons to choose from in one hand and a sewing kit in the other. I put him right to work and my tuxedo then looked even better than it did before. My whole party then realized my upgrade and did the same thing I did, put him to work. About a half hour later we all had new and refurbished stylish buttons on our tuxedo jackets.

Courtesy of Kym Lyn Photography
Courtesy of Kym Lyn Photography

We pre-gamed, we took videos, we took pictures, and then it was time. It was time to get married. I was pacing back and forth as if I was stepping into the cage for a fight. I was mean mugging everyone in sight, stretching my arms and shoulders and getting ready for the big show. The wedding then starts as we arrive downstairs and everything after that is history. My bride looked beautiful, the bridal party looked glamorous, and all of my guests looked amazing. The wedding ceremony went according to plan and it was followed by an unforgettable reception. It was surely a day to remember!