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Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Is the Internet Really ‘Going Away?’

Recently, during a panel discussion about the prediction of the future of the web, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was “caught” saying “The Internet Will Disappear.” While it is certainly a bold statement (which left our office with echos of crickets chirping in the background), it doesn’t mean that you need to stop placing efforts on digital marketing; in fact, it means quite the opposite.

What Eric Schmidt Really Meant

If we digest what Eric Schmidt said during the panel, we know that what he really meant to say was that the internet will be seamless and dynamic within our day-to-day lives. Schmidt noted, “There will be so many IP addresses….so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it. It will be part of your presence all the time.” Connected devices like smartphones and tablets have become such a staple in how we communicate, shop, and make decisions; and it will only get easier with time.

So….what does that mean for us as marketers?

Don’t ignore the signs that we are hearing from Google and experts alike. Focus on how your digital marketing campaigns can immerse your visitors into your brand. Create a H2H (Human to Human) Marketing Campaign that encompasses:

We have to rethink how we are addressing digital marketing. People no longer want to be sold to, they want to be engaged. If the internet is moving to a more dynamic and seamless integration within our lives and your brand isn’t on board with that, think about how many potential clients you could lose or disengage with your brand.

My challenge to you is this: Think about 5 simple things that you can do to humanize your brand through your digital marketing strategy; write them down and determine a timeline for execution.

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