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Accomplishing Branding Goals with Digital Marketing

As most marketers know, one of the greatest strengths of digital marketing is the capability to determine ROI more so than with traditional advertising like billboards and print publications. This is certainly true, but the fact is that digital marketing sometimes contributes to goals that don’t necessarily have a clearly defined ROI. Digital marketing can significantly boost your branding efforts. On Target’s Orlando digital marketers believe in the power of digital marketing to accomplish branding goals.

Traditionally, marketers broke down the consumer experience into three steps:

  1. Stimulus – The consumer experiences a stimulus like a TV ad.
  2. Shelf – This is the point of sale where consumers purchase a product.
  3. Experience – This is the actual experience the consumer has, which they share with others.

A study by Google and Shopper Sciences found that there is actually another very important step: The Zero Moment of Truth. Check it out.

During the Zero Moment of Truth, consumers are visiting multiple sites and sources to gain more information. In fact, a study by Expedia Media Solutions found that travelers who visited a destination marketing organization, Visit Florida for example, visited 38 other travel sites before purchasing a vacation package. The point is that in order to make it to the point of sale or experience, your brand needs to be present during the zero moment of truth. Branding plays a large role. Here are some branding goals that digital marketing can help brands accomplish.

Build Awareness

A potential customer can’t purchase your product if they don’t know they want or need it. This is especially true if your product is unique and doesn’t have many competitors. Digital marketing ranging from content, social ads, a killer website presence, or online reviews can all help raise awareness of your product or business. Content will help your brand become noticed during the Zero Moment of Truth.

Establish Credibility and Expertise

A thought-out web presence and high-quality content can help establish your brand as an expert. It can also help consumers grow to trust your brand. Bop Design reports that, “80% of consumers said ‘authenticity of content’ is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand.” This demonstrates how important it is that the personality and feel of content is equivalent to the consumer’s experience they will have either in a store or within other branded environments. Social media is another platform to further brand your business. The way brands portray themselves as well as how they engage with customers can communicate a lot about their credibility.

Create Emotional Connections

Creating an emotional connection with a consumer is key to establishing brand loyalty. Bop Design reports that, “64% of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand.” You have to tell your brand’s story through a variety of content and connect with consumers based on shared values or emotional connection. For example, brands like Coke and J.Crew make consumers feel special. Coke produces a bottle that shares their name. J.Crew turned a print catalog into a “Style Guide” that induces feelings of exclusivity and eloquence. In a less glamourous example, ADT makes their consumers feel safe and comfortable. Determine the emotions that align with your brand and start creating connections.

Differentiate Product & Brand

Digital marketing allows brands to demonstrate how both their brand and products are different from their competitors. Think about Nike and Under Armour. They both do billions of dollars in revenue, they both sell compression shorts and running shoes, but they both are inherently different brands. Nike says, “just do it,” and targets consumers interested in fitness. They want to motivate people to prove it to themselves. Under Armour, on the other hand, says, “I will.” Their brand is all about overcoming challenges and proving others wrong. They feature professional athletes who have overcome the odds and have accomplished remarkable milestones. The product is similar, but their consumer connects in a completely different way on various digital platforms. Check out these differences in video.

Nike’s video is focused on product including the Apple Watch Nike+ and Nike running shoes. It features comedian Kevin Hart.

Under Armour’s video, on the other hand, features a product but never names it. The video tells the triumphant story of Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre’s first African-American principal dancer.

Digital marketing plays a large role in branding. It is an objective that shouldn’t be forgotten alongside driving leads and conversion rates. For more information on branding, contact the Orlando digital marketing experts at On Target Digital Marketing today.