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7 Key Ingredients for Writing a Delicious Blog Daily


Writing a blog is an amazing way to share a wealth of information or get something off of your chest! I enjoy writing about my personal interests with entertainment being my favorite topic. Who doesn’t enjoy movies and music? If you don’t, then you need to check it out! OK, I’m stepping down from my soapbox now, but you get the drift!

Starting conversations through your blog provides a wonderful opportunity for interaction. Plus, a hot topic will always be an attention-getter. However, there’s a science behind getting your message to the masses and content marketing. WordPress and other blog sites track your page views, so you can find out how many people are digging your blog. The numbers don’t lie! But how can you be a blog-posting guru? It’s like baking a cake. You follow a recipe, mix the ingredients and bake. Voila! You have a scrumptious cake! Now, it’s time to bake a blog! Here are some 7 sensational suggestions that will put you on the right track in the blogosphere.

Keyword Karma

Select the main topics in your blog and input those words into Google Adwords’ free keyword planning tool. Determine the most popular words during a search and strengthen and add some pizazz to your blog title.

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Spread the Word

Post your blog link on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin accounts. This will provide your blog with exposure on social media feeds. Plus, your fans and followers will more than likely share your blog with their network. In return, the keywords will get picked up by search engines and make you even more popular.

Short and Sweet URLs

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Long URLs are out, and short URLs are in. In the past, you had to get creative when posting URLs on Twitter because of the character limit. Nowadays, link-shortening services like, and are making it easier to compose tweets. Plus, these companies use analytics, which will provide you with even more views. Score! Email your clients and friends the shortened links, too. The more people you reach, the better!

Pay it Forward

Remember, it’s not always about you! Share the love by commenting and sharing other people’s blogs. You’ll develop relationships, boost traffic and create a following, as well as backlinks.

Tempt your Audience

Most social networking sites will allow you to pimp your content if it’s pertinent. A wonderful way to succeed is by writing a call-to-action headline or question as your post title with some food-for-thought comments and the shortened URL. Keep the interaction going by requesting feedback in order to continue the conversation.

Twitter to the Rescue

When someone needs help, just like the damsel on the railroad tracks that cartoon character Dudley Do-Right saves, you give them a hand. Share your blog posts when folks need to be pointed in the right direction along the information highway. Providing assistance is also a wonderful way to expand your Twitter network.

Signature Power

Grab people’s attention even more by adding your latest blog headline to your email signature. Email providers have awesome apps like WiseStamp for Gmail that will input your blog post headline into your email signature automatically. Sweet!

Spice up your content marketing with these 7 ingredients and you’ll have a tasty blog every time!

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