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6 Things Your Company Should be Doing On LinkedIn

John: Hey, is your company on LinkedIn?

Jane: Yeah…I think so… Right?

John: Let’s find out!

Jane: Oh, see! There it is.

John: It looks pretty boring… Wow, last time you guys posted was 6 months ago, and it was about the coffee maker Jimmy brought to your office.

Jane: I know… I guess no one has the time to do it. Plus, what should we posting about, anyway?

That’s actually a question that concerns a lot of companies. Some companies just open their social media accounts because they feel as though they must, and then they forget about them. What they don’t understand is they are giving the wrong impression to each and every single user that happens to click on their LinkedIn account. Let’s put it this way: having an outdated LinkedIn page is worse than not having one at all.

Today, we show you some basic, but necessary, things your company should be doing on LinkedIn on a weekly basis.

  1. Drive Leads with Your Banner: Instead of showing a typical picture of your building’s entrance, take advantage of the main banner to show the audience your brand’s personality. This is your moment to shine, to speak up, and to differentiate your company from the rest! Let your users know what you’ll give them in return if they decide to follow your company on LinkedIn. A great example is Adobe. They are giving out direct and clear instructions to their users to follow their page. And you should do the same, not only in the main banner, but also every time you post a new update–include links and strong CTAs. Don’t waste any opportunity you have. Optimize your page to drive leads.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.49.45 AM
  2. Be Active in LinkedIn Groups: By being active in different groups that are related to your industry, you’ll show authority in your field, you’ll learn, and you’ll create new connections. Ask for people’s opinion, come up with thought-provoking pictures, or give your personal point of view. Are you looking for some groups to join? Just type your industry in the search bar!Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.52.58 AM
  3. Be the Pulse of LinkedIn: Pulse is a new newsfeed in which you can follow influencers within your industry, or post your content so others can learn from you. Posting on Pulse often will give you the same benefits as participating in groups with the positive difference of being able to build an interesting league of loyal readers and connections.Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.58.09 AM
  4. Create a Showcase Page: Would you like to highlight a specific product line or service your company provides? This is the place to do it!  “Showcase Pages” give you the option of having different pages with its own message and target audience. Check out how IBM is using this feature:Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.30.46 AM
  5. Use the Advanced Search Option: Create your ideal customer by customizing the location, industry, and company size of the type of audience you would like to connect with. Click “Search” and voila! You have just unlocked a whole new world of potential customers.Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.39.00 AM
  6. Include Your Main SEO Keywords Under Your Specialities: This will help with your SEO efforts. Optimizing specific keywords throughout your LinkedIn page and content will increase the chances of you showing up for those search terms.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.12.19 AM

Now that your LinkedIn page is shining more than ever before, go tell everyone. Don’t forget to send an email to your team so they can go and spread the word. They might even volunteer to manage a group on behalf of your company to provide even more opportunities. Plus, John will be so happy to know that your company’s LinkedIn isn’t a vast wasteland. Give your audience and employees a remarkable reason to follow your company. Stay active and link your company to the business world.

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