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5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Remarkable

Social media presence, once considered a novelty for business owners and entrepreneurs, is now a necessity for just about every company large and small. With the internet’s rapid growth and development into a tool for research, exploration, and networking, the mindset of the average consumer has transformed from that of a star-struck newcomer to a hard-hitting, fact-seeking investigator. Consumers and potential brand advocates don’t want to be talked at, they want to be talked to–given the information they seek in a personal manner that demonstrates your personalized attention to them. As such, social media channels have become crucial tools for businesses to sate their fans’ hunger for knowledge and reach out on a more personal level; think of Facebook as a big Thanksgiving dinner feast of information.

But how do you keep your fans coming back for seconds rather than seeking other social media families? Here are five tips to help you create a remarkable, stand-out presence on a variety of social channels that gains you the ravenous, dedicated fans you want:

  • Give a little to get a little. Your fans think your profile picture is hilarious, your products are worth buying, and your company is in line with their values–you’re off to a good start. But if you fill your social channel with nothing but posts about your achievements, your events, and your own random thoughts, your fanbase will soon get bored. Instead, give something back to your followers, whether that’s a special discounted price or just a new article or source of information. They’ll quickly learn that your page is the place to be for the latest news and best specials.
  • Hone in on their wants and needs. Providing your viewers with irrelevant content and posts is like showing up to a vegetarian dinner party with a plate of bacon-wrapped turducken–it’s simply not appetizing (to the vegetarians, anyway). Wet their whistles with the content they truly desire. Don’t be afraid to ask through posts, polls, and even personalized messages. Your fans will appreciate that you took the time to contact them directly.
  • Keep the conversation going. Think of any conversation on social media as you would a conversation in real life. If you and a friend are sitting face to face and your friend asks you a question, would you sit in silence, staring blankly at them with no intention of responding? No, you wouldn’t, because that would be awkward. Respond to questions and comments, and generate community involvement through each post. The more people you can gather, the better, and your audience will get the chance to know you’re fun, intelligent, and human.
  • Keep an eye on trending topics. You have your own place on the internet now, so it’s time to get out of the dark ages. Be on the lookout for trending topics that are relevant to your brand. While we don’t advocate jumping onto every single bandwagon, the time may come when you find a topic relevant to your offerings and your audience’s interests. For example, if you own a burger joint, now might be the perfect time for you to hop on Twitter’s trending #KenanandKel hashtag.
  • Post eye-grabbing visuals. Black and white is simple and elegant–for high-fashion magazine spreads. While your words may be rich and well thought out, posting pictures has been proven to generate multitudes more engagement. Take pictures around your office, capture epic moments at company events, or even make your own engaging graphics. Feed their eyes as well as their brains and you’re sure to see astounding results.

You already have a remarkable business, so take a few of these tips to create a social media presence to match. Be accessible, be an expert, be entertaining, and most of all, be human. Follow our blog for more great social media and digital marketing tips.

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