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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ad Stinks

Let’s be real, you jumped right into Facebook advertising because everyone told you “It’s the best way to get your business out there!” (which most of the time, it is) but you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

Facebook Advertising:

  1. Let’s dive into the possible reasons you’re not getting results: First thing’s first, you may not be using the right “Objective”. This is the first step in setting up your Facebook ad and definitely the most important. Facebook makes you choose an objective because this is how they decide who to show your ad to. For example,  if you choose “Conversions” under the “Conversion” objective, Facebook will show your ad to people who are most likely to ‘convert’, or make a purchase on your website. If you choose “Engagement” under the “Consideration” objective, Facebook will show the ad to the people most likely to “Like” your page or respond to an event, etc. Check out more objectives and what they’re all about here.
  2. After choosing your objective, Facebook takes you to your “Ad Set” which is where you’ll be identifying who you want to target and what type of budget you would like to put towards your ad. You can easily sabotage your whole campaign by not targeting the correct people. Targeting allows you to narrow your ad’s reach down to age, gender, purchase behavior, interests, and you can even target people who like businesses similar to yours. If your targeting is not specific enough, your ad will not be effective. To help you narrow down your audience to a good size, keep an eye on the Audience Size gauge as you’re setting up your targeting. By ensuring that your Facebook ad is only being displayed to your exact demographic, you’re giving your Facebook ad campaign the best possible chance to be successful.
  3. Maybe you have the right objective and the correct targeting but you’re still not getting results. This could be because your ad just isn’t eye-catching. Remember, you’re competing with many similar businesses targeting the same demographic you are, so your ad has to stand out. Try adding different images or verbiage to a separate ad and see if it performs better. With so much going on daily in people’s Timeline, if your ad doesn’t demand attention, it might as well not be there. Effective ad creatives are crucial.
  4. The most common reason an ad doesn’t perform well is simply because whatever the ad is promoting is not an attractive offer. For example: “10% Off All Hats!” will probably not get a lot of clicks or conversions. An ad with a more aggressive offer like “25% Off All Hats!” will get many more people to your website and definitely more sales, so get aggressive! Stand out from your competitors with an offer that will get you noticed!
  5. Lastly, your ads may be coming up short because you have no organic following. Your ad may look fantastic and be targeted to the correct people but if you only have 25 followers on your business page, this can deter potential customers or clients from associating with your business because there’s no rapport. So before advertising a product or service, get your name out there with a “Page Likes” ad which is within the “Engagement” objective, and go get some likes! Everyone wants to be associated with a successful and popular brand!

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