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5 Keys for Remarkable Local Search Marketing

Google is constantly refining search results to fit user needs, and many of those needs involve locality. Many of the updates Google has implemented recently have been to enhance the user’s experience by allowing them to find the information they seek as quickly and effectively as possible. As a business owner, you want your customers to easily find your products or services, and if proximity is a necessity, you will be interested in local search marketing. On Target has planned out several successful local search marketing campaigns for our clients, one of the most prominent being Pro-Staff Pest & Termite Control.

Pro-Staff Pest & Termite Control has two locations in Central Florida, one centrally located in Orange County and another centrally located in Seminole County. While Orlando is the main locality they aim to serve, there are several sub-cities within Orlando that require digital visibility as well. On Target had to generate a comprehensive local search marketing plan that involved five key components in order to capitalize on the expansive local markets in their service areas.

1. Saturated Visibility
Landing pages, or deep content pages, were generated in order to target every potential geographical niche for organic leads. On Target made a list of all of the service areas for Pro-Staff Pest Control, from county to city, and paired them with individual services to create very targeted content. So, if someone is searching for Longwood Pest Control, Pro-Staff can easily be found, but if the user is searching a more broad market, like Seminole County, they can also be found. Each page was generated so it served the user with specific content for which they were searching.

In tandem with that plan, On Target created additional visibility using Google Adwords with an SEM campaign, which enforces their presence in both organic and local results. In fact, users are 51% more likely to click on an organic listing when there is an SEM result appearing in the same search result page creating a stronger brand awareness.

2. Google MyBusiness
The next step was to create two comprehensive Google MyBusiness profiles for each of their locations, so that Pro-Staff could be found in the local search results as well. On Target provided a complete profile with service areas, photos, and a refreshed description of the business, along with regular postings on the Google Plus portion of the page. Pro-Staff put forth a collaborated effort, streamlining marketing seamlessly from face-to-face all the way to digital presence by requesting reviews from satisfied customers. There was no push or incentive–just good quality customer service.

3. Online Reputation
One negative review can turn a potential customer off. So, when Pro-Staff received a negative review, the owner of the business personally visited the dissatisfied customer, and offered to make it right at no cost to him. The owner didn’t ask specifically to change the review, showing no ulterior motive, but the customer did go in and change his review based on the level of customer service and satisfaction he received. This is the online reputation policy now moving forward with Pro-Staff Pest Control. In this case, their expansive, positive online reputation has given them a unique sales proposition against their competitors in the digital marketplace.

4. Single-Market Vertical Website Presence Is Necessary
Angie’s List, ZocDoc, and Urbanspoon are all single-market vertical websites that allow users to find the products and services they’re looking for in a single place. These websites typically incorporate additional user-friendly elements such as reviews, tips, additional information on the business, services provided, etc. to help users make a more informed, complete purchasing decision. These websites tend to bring in more qualified leads that are further along in the purchasing process. On Target completed an audit on all directory listings and went through the process of correcting any incorrect listings, as well as creating listings where needed. More and more users are using these single-market vertical websites and online directories to research companies, and On Target capitalized on this knowledge by ensuring a strong presence in all relevant areas.

5. Cross-Device Compatibility
63% of searchers use multiple devices to find local businesses. 50% of all local searches end in a purchase, with nearly 80% for mobile searches. These are some pretty significant statistics, and they show just how important having a responsive site is in order to be available to the wide variety of potential users. We are working with Pro-Staff on a new streamlined web design that will be responsive for mobile, tablets and desktop so they can better address their customers’ needs.

You have to consider how to cater to your local audience online. What sites do they visit? How do they research companies? What influences their purchasing decision? Finding out these key elements can help you make a strong, effective local digital marketing strategy. This particular strategy can also work for national franchises or corporate chains that are looking to optimize each one of their locations.

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