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4 for All and All for Social Media (Part 3)

Welcome to the third installment of our four part series titled, “4 for All and All for Social Media.”

One of the main reasons to open social media networks for your business, whether you’re selling cupcakes or cars, is to interact with your current potential customers. It’s all about authentic engagement.

Communicating directly with your target audience develops a sense of trust. When done correctly your viewers are more likely to identify you as a reputable expert within your industry. Beyond that, you have the opportunity to work with influencers and gain positive reviews and referrals.

It is crucial how you identify the best social media platforms for your brand. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of, as well as understanding how they can work for or against your brand where customer interaction is concerned.

Here is a quick rundown of the best and the worst when it comes to customer interaction on the most popular social media networks.

Communication Breakdown:

  • Slideshare: Beyond sharing links through your uploaded slides, customer communication is not this social media platform’s forte. To best grab the attention of customers through this platform, include an eye-catching slide with your contact information. This at least leaves the impression that customer satisfaction and outreach is important to you.

Can You Hear Me Now?:

  • Google+:This up-and-coming platform gives users an easy way to join communities of like-minded individuals and businesses. Still, most customers don’t seem to use Google+ for customer service purposes. If you are using Google+ as part of your social media marketing strategy, if would most beneficial for you to establish your expertise on Google+ and chat with customers and clients on another winning platform.

  • Pinterest is also just so-so in the customer interaction department. Repinning and commenting is a solid way to communicate with customers; however, there is no private message system which limits possible interactions between you and your customers.

A Clear Connection:

  • Facebook: Over 75% of all customers who seek customer support through social media platforms report doing so through a company’s Facebook page. With private messaging, areas for commenting, and the ability to communicate through other forms of media, Facebook takes the cake (or the cookie[link to previous series post]) for customer interaction.

  • LinkedIn is right behind Facebook with roughly 50% of consumers using the site for customer support. LinkedIn gives customers the ability to join relevant communities and professional groups. This is a prime area for brands to interact with customers and build relationships.

  • Instagram is another strong platform for interacting with audience members. Fairly recently, Instagram has introduced a few additional communication updates. They include private messaging, advertisements, and video. Studies have shown that videos and images attract the greatest volume of traffic on social media, so start grabbing the eyes and ears of your customers today.

  • Twitter is also a strong contender as a social platform for customer interaction. It is quickly becoming the most relied-upon site for business to customer interactions. Conversations can take place publicly or privately and are done quickly and efficiently. This leads to faster customer satisfaction, which can shape brand loyalty.

  • Last, but certainly not least, YouTube is a clear winner for customer interaction. It is extremely user friendly and is the perfect environment for building authority in your niche and engaging in conversations with your customers, simply because it is a visual medium. Visuals tend to really get people inspired to react to your brand with comments and questions, and YouTube is where you can really use this to your advantage.

To truly stake your claim in the hearts of customers, stay in touch with them and build a solid, loyal, following. Remember, “social” is a part of social media, so keep in mind that communication is extremely important.

In our final installation of the “4 for All and All for Social Media” series, we’ll take a look at the best social platforms for site traffic. Vroom vroom!

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