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13 Facts that Demonstrate VISUAL Content Marketing is the Real KING in 2015.

2014 left marketers with a well-learned lesson about the importance of creating original and remarkable CONTENT adapted to our targeted audience on a daily basis. However, 2015 is teaching digital marketers that VISUAL content is the real KING.

During the past year, we’ve experienced a significant transition in the algorithms of each social media channel, and the way they’ve started to assign privileges to those publications with a visual component on it, such as the use of images, videos, infographics, and gifs, among others. They have now become the favorite kids in the neighborhood.

In a visual world, it makes sense that we need visual content.
Today, we present you 15 remarkable facts about the huge impact that VISUAL content marketing has on engagement and social media. Enjoy!


13 Facts About VISUAL Content Marketing (OT)