Honing In On The Target

Relevant ad targeting can be the difference between a successful campaign and a waste of time and money. Smart targeting techniques are crucial parts of your content marketing strategy, allowing you to

Stop Closing, Start Creating

I keep seeing posts on LinkedIn that go something like this: Always Be Closing. I know you’ve seen the image. You can probably see it in your head. ABC = Always Be

Breathe Life Into Your Content Marketing

What Drives Me to do What I do Every Day? Today, we’re talking about inspiration. I got inspired yesterday by a Twitter hashtag. This sounds crazy. It was #MotivationMonday, pretty standard. But,

From Sweet to Savage: Your Voice on Social Media

It began innocently enough. Wendy’s posted an expected tweet promoting their “fresh, never frozen” philosophy. A bold Twitter user (who has since deactivated their account after the brutal takedown) questioned that philosophy.

Spring Has Sprung and Your Website Sucks

It is the frickin’ springtime here in Orlando, Florida. Spring has indeed sprung. The grass has indeed risen and the birds are crapping all over my car again. It’s such an inconvenience to

Websites Are So Early 2000s

Start Thinking Outside of Your Website I wanted to talk to you about your website. Everyone obsesses about traffic to their website. I have to tell you, five years ago that was

B2B Content Creation Thoughts

I want to talk briefly about content. It has many species, but I want to focus on one in particular – B2B. I think a lot of B2B companies are stressing out

Beware The SEO Doofus

Today, I want to talk about a guy – not just any guy. This guy is the SEO Doofus. Owning an agency and specializing in SEO the first couple of years we

Social Media KPIs and You

One of the questions I’m asked every single day is: “With social media, what metrics should I be paying attention to?” True Story: We signed this client about a year ago. This

Where Your Brand Should Market on Social Media

One of the biggest questions that I get asked is: “On which social media channels should I be advertising?” My answer to that is: “Well, who’s your customer?” You’d be so surprised

About This Article

I know you’ve seen it, whether you’ve realized it or not. As you scroll through your news feed, an article appears with a tiny “i” on the bottom right corner. When you

Why You Should Be Friggin’ Blogging

This post is adapted from a podcast episode Tom recorded on a rainy October day in October of 2017. It’s rainy as hell in Orlando. It’s dreary. It’s dismal. I wish it