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Don’t Lose Sight of Your Mission

Every brand story needs to have a clear and understandable mission. Whether you work with dogs or are an educational institution, you need to stay true to who you are and what your goals are. There’s a lot of craziness happening across the globe right now. Do we have to remind you again to not quarantine your marketing? This is your chance to kick ass and shine brighter than ever. During all of the uncertainty and haziness, it’s important to not lose sight of your mission.

Back to Birth

Your initiative started for a reason. Go back in time to when it was born. Remember why you exist and what your purpose is. Your startup reason is the driving force behind everything that you do. Stay behind the wheel even if the road is rocky. Not to sound too new-agey, but just breathe.

The Doglando Foundation, one of our super cool clients, started because they saw something missing in the dog rescue industry — a place where pregnant dogs can give birth. They are the first and only rescue that has programs designed to provide canines with a nurturing haven that allows them to participate in enriching activities and let them just be dogs. Because they are a nonprofit organization, and the only one of its kind, they had to take their marketing to the next level, which started with a clear and concise mission. Today, with the help of their volunteers and donors, they are able to execute said mission and ultimately save the pups.

Passion Over Pivoting

The sales may not quite be where they were. The clients are disappearing. Pivoting feels like being on a seesaw that won’t stay balanced. You may end up hitting the ground on your ass. Or you can use all that you’ve got to stay afloat. Either way, you can pick yourself back up because of the passion behind your purpose. Find ways to amp things back up, like taking your business online or launching a podcast. If you truly love what you do, you’re going to want to try everything to keep that momentum going.

Make Mistakes

In the words of Mr. Jones said in “Next Friday,” “You win some, you lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day.” Every day, we are given the opportunity to try and do better. You’re not always going to win ‘em. Maybe that new product didn’t work for the crowd, or your new social media post didn’t get much engagement. You may lose some people along the way. But that’s all part of the game. For every negative review you get, there will be positive ones that are 10 times louder. Consider the criticism, while accepting the praise that motivates you. Have a solid support system that calls you out when you’re wrong but sticks around for the sticky times. Don’t cancel it all just yet; you’ve still got plenty of time and opportunity to keep your vision alive.

We all have our story. On Target Digital Marketing can help you develop your brand story — and all of the shnazzy components that go along with it. Like we say, digital marketing is in our DNA, compounded with our great office coffee. Give us a call at 407-830-4550 so we can start telling your story. Your mission is our mission.