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Changing the Educational Landscape

From “unprecedented times” to “new normals,” recently days have been characterized as anything but ordinary. Many schools are in tough positions of wanting to go back to in-person for the fall to ensure the best educational benefit, but also weighing the risk and health of everyone involved. Luckily, North Tampa Christian Academy has developed a new educational model that gives parents and students the ability to choose their path as they feel comfortable.

A New Way to Learn

When life demanded flexibility, North Tampa Christian Academy created the Titan Teacher Network. Under this new model, students will have the option of attending an on-campus experience or a “teacher-centric” virtual learning environment. Parents have the freedom to bounce back and forth from the on-campus experience to accessing instruction through the online Titan Teacher Network. 

With this new model, parents have complete control over their child’s learning environment. If they want to start off by sending their student to school to see how it feels, they have the option to do so. If they get there and feel more comfortable having their child learn from the safety of home in a virtual classroom, they can do that as well. There is no change in the cost of tuition for either experience, and parents have the flexibility to bounce back and forth as the school year continues on.

Getting the Word Out

With the plan developed, it was important to get the word out to parents and children of North Tampa Christian Academy. That’s where we were more than happy to set in. Creating a variety of social media posts, landing pages, and providing extensive copy, we worked with North Tampa to make sure that both families and teachers would be well informed when it came time for back to school. 

On Target Digital Marketing are proud to be partners with such innovators in the education landscape. North Tampa Christian Academy continues to show their dedication to the well-being of students and an accredited educational experience. Being able to market this academy and highlight all of the extraordinary things they accomplish has been a pleasure for On Target. To learn more about our education marketing services, contact us at (407) 830-4550.