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Take Your Business Online

I have a friend who was a certified trainer at a gym. Unfortunately, she was furloughed due to the pandemic. But I see her hustling. She developed a home workout program that she is selling on her website for only $12. In front of her 20,000 followers, she posts motivational workout videos to her Instagram feed and stories every. single. day. She may not be able to work, but she is #werking. With a killer content marketing strategy, she is still able to help her client base — without having to step foot in the gym. And you can do the same. These days, people are at home and living on the internet, where they consume most of their information. Keep your clients and prospects engaged with quality content that will keep them hungry for more. Let them know you are human and that you care. Check in with them, give them advice, be there for them. That way, when these hard times pass, you’ll be fresh in their minds to hit the ground running.

Social Media

Just like my friend does, we recommend you get active online. You don’t have to be a fitness guru. Maybe you’re a doctor wanting to share medical advice; a hairstylist providing video tutorials on how to deal with quarantine hair; or a financial expert who has all of the answers to your stimulus check questions. If you weren’t posting to social media before, now is definitely the time. Social media is where everyone is in quarantine; this is where your audience lives. A good thought leader should make magic on a regular basis, and watch your followers come back for more tricks.


Your clients need you. They need a human being to guide them through this. Blogging isn’t a form of selling; it’s a way to build upon your relationship. They trust you, and they want you to keep giving them what they signed up for. Create compelling content that cultivates confidence. You’re needed, so now is not the time to shelf the content.


Unfortunately, we can’t sit in a fancy podcast studio right now, but thanks to modern technology, a podcast can be recorded remotely. All you need is a digital device with Skype, and we can handle the rest. From pre-production to post-production, your podcast episodes will have all the information your clients need right now. It gives them something to do while in quarantine, and the information you provide will give them peace of mind.


A good marketing-driven web design is fresh  and up to date. Your website should have your company’s personality built right in it. That way, even without your logo, your target audience knows it’s you. COVID-19 updates, security certificates, and well-written copy with solid SEO are just a few things websites need. Lock all of these key components down, and you’ll be geared up for the return!

At On Target Digital Marketing, we are digital storytellers with expertise in how to build your business online. We do the legwork for you. Our team has the know-how on creating a remarkable content marketing strategy and sharing your story on the interwebs. Give us a call at 407-830-4550 to get started.