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How Audio Can Make Your Podcast Go From Boring to Engaging

Podcasting has long been considered the new method of blogging. This goes back to when portable audio players became more affordable and — more importantly — pocket-sized. Podcasts became more relevant about the same time that the iPod came out in 2001 (sorry, Zune). Since then, podcast numbers have been climbing. Originally known as audio blogging, the term “podcast” is a combination of iPod and broadcast — and the name has stuck since 2004. So, how do you make your podcast stand out from the hundreds of thousands of others? Audio.

Create an Audio Experience

We get it. You know your podcast material, you’re passionate about it, and you can talk for hours upon hours about your material. However, a podcast should be an audio experience rather than a period of monotonous talking. While yes, you might sound great, humans tend to get bored really easily. Keeping listeners tuned in and engaged will help create a more meaningful experience that pulls listeners back for your next episode. Adding an intro and outro audio track is one easy difference that helps to make your podcast sound more professional. It sets the tone for your content and helps create a brand for your podcast. Just make sure audio choices match your content. A peaceful, tranquil and serene podcast shouldn’t start out with intense heavy metal. Small sound effects throughout also create a more engaging experience, even if it is the cliche sitcom laughter or Wilhelm Scream.

Finding Audio

Where do you find audio if you can’t make it yourself? Online stock libraries are a goldmine for audio, as long as you use royalty-free options. These can be free to use, have a subscription service, or a pay-per-track fee associated with them. Listed below are a few of my favorites that I’ve used. 

The other option is to use a content creation agency, like On Target Digital Marketing, to bring your brand to life with our professional podcasting services. With a four-step podcast process of discovery, an editorial calendar, production, and post-production, our podcast process ensures you will be set up for success on day one.