Storytelling – An Intern’s Interpretation

There’s one word that makes me cringe — graduation. Two months and I’ll be stepping out into the “real-world.” Am I ready for that? Heck yeah! I learned a lot during internships

Dying Content? Here’s How to Revive it

You’ve hit Google. You’ve hit HuffPost. And you’ve even hit Bing. Yet, you can’t seem to find inspiration. Whether you’re writing a blog, curating an Instagram theme, or keeping up with your

The Power of Content, Branding & Friendship

Confession: I am a self-declared makeup junkie. It’s challenging to resist a new eyeshadow palette or a (ridiculously overpriced) face mask, but when I do cave to temptation, you’ll know. Because if

Smells, Bells, Monks & Marketing. Tom’s Marketing Journey

“If you don’t get these grades up, College won’t be an option.” If I had a nickel for everytime my parents, teachers, deans, pets, and nuns said this to me, I’d be

Tales from a Marketing Director

I remember it vividly. It was a Tuesday morning during the summer. I had been working so hard on this new website for one of our biggest clients. We were working with

Turning the Last Page of 2017

Another year has come and gone and it’s time to address what’s on everyone’s mind: What’s trending on social media and what will continue to trend in 2018? At On Target, we’ve

Rebooting a Catholic School Through Digital Marketing

Principal Nathan Nadeau at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Orlando says he was desperate to get, “a more robust Google score” for his school a year ago. And in the same

The Evolution of On Target

How difficult can it be to rocket your website up to that elusive No. 1 spot in Google search results? Just optimize your H1 and meta tags, build a bunch of backlinks,

2018: The Year Your Customers Choose Their Own Adventure

It’s the end of 2017, and the landscape of the Internet is becoming so littered with content that we can’t even discern what that landscape truly looks like. Here at On Target,

Taking Care Of Business : A Millennial Tale

We aren’t here to rag on millennials, but we are here to learn from them. In this episode of our marketing podcast series, Tom, JT, and Monique dive into the importance of

Excedrin and the Really, Really, Really Bad Migraines

As marketers, keeping up with trends is one of our hardest and most important jobs. All it takes is one idea to spark a flame that sets the whole world on fire.

Writing Tips, Best Practices, and Other Myths

On Target’s own Chief Storytelling Officer John Terry and Founder / CEO Tom Jelneck break down what you need to know about Content Marketing and Storytelling best practices on their weekly podcast,