On Target Connects Brands & Audiences Through Storytelling

ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 24, 2017) – The Internet has changed how we decide what to buy and when to buy it. There’s no way to succeed in business if you only rely

Kimberly Ryan of On Target Promoted to Content Coordinator

With Kimberly Ryan’s change in roles, On Target Web Solutions continues to provide superior content & digital marketing services to a growing list of amazing clients. On Target Web Solutions, an Orlando-based

Maggie Weldin Promoted to Digital Marketing Manager

As Digital Marketing Manager, Maggie Weldin will identify and implement innovative and results-oriented digital marketing strategies on behalf of On Target’s clients. On Target Web Solutions, an Orlando-based digital marketing agency, is

Content & the Sales Process

In today’s digital world, marketing your business is complex due to consumer behavior changing because of the accessibility and expansiveness of the Internet. The moment a consumer decides what to buy online

The Big Debate: Traditional Influencers vs. Micro-Influencers

Whether you’re an up and coming or a reigning champ, there’s no denying the impact of social influencers for any business. As the times change, celebrities and cover models being a brand’s

Calculating Increased Brand Awareness Through Content

KPI, ROI, PPC, CPC, CPM, and the list goes on. When you’re reporting on your organization’s website, content, public relations efforts, social media platforms, and paid advertising campaigns, there are a lot

On & Off Target: Brawny Brings Women Smiles & Dove Makes Them Cringe

As digital marketers, it’s natural for creative ideas to fluctuate between absolute genius and complete madness. What often could be construed as a good idea on the surface can completely backfire when

4 Key Ways Voice Search Is Going to Transform SEO

Queen Bee. That’s what I have directed Siri to call me. That decision stemmed from a combination of my inherent human need to express dominance over my digital personal assistant and my

On Target & MicheLee Puppets Partner to Launch Reimagined Website

On Target Digital Marketing, an Orlando-based digital marketing agency, and MicheLee Puppets, an Orlando non-profit dedicated to empowering lives through the art of puppetry, have partnered together to build and launch the

Charitable Impacts from Small Businesses

When I was a junior in college, I was chosen to lead my fraternity’s philanthropic project. What I did not realize at the time was that it would be my first venture

How Then Became Now – A Spaceballs Look at the Changing Small Business Environment

Thirty years ago, the prophetic imagination of Mel Brooks gave us the classic scene asking “When will Then be Now?” With the Spaceballs “new breakthrough in home video marketing… instant cassettes,” consumers

A Salute to the Small Business Owner

During the 51 weeks of the year that are not National Small Business Week, it can be easy to overlook the fact that small businesses represent over 99% of the total number