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Benefits of Rich Results in Google Search

By Rick, On Target SEO and PPC specialist

Have you noticed the way Google has fine-tuned their search results pages in the last few years? Beginning with rich snippets and then rich cards, the combination of the two are now referred to as rich results.

What are Google rich results?

Rich results are what we expect when searching for things like products, movies, recipes, etc. Google has recently expanded the number of topics that trigger rich results. They also added new types of rich results, from recipe carousels to complete interfaces like search boxes, airline flights, and package tracking, all on the search results page. Google’s long term goal would be to satisfy a larger percentage of a user’s query on the search results page.

Rich results were created to put the focus on key information and assist search engines in understanding a page’s main purpose. That means Google doesn’t have to guess what your page is about and it garners more relevant search results for its users.

An example of a product’s rich search results:

Why are rich results important?

What are some of the benefits of having rich results? Google doesn’t say that it helps search rankings, and the jury is still out whether structured data does either. However, anything that helps Google know what your site’s intent is will affect rankings. Where rich results really shine is helping your snippet stand out from all the other search result snippets. It can help your CTR and even lead to lower bounce rates since Google has more info to fully represent your page.

Google doesn’t guarantee rich results

To improve your business’s chance of showing rich results, marking up content with structured data (from will improve your chances of obtaining a rich result in SERPs. If it is not showing, check to make sure that you have the code implemented correctly following the structured data guidelines

Then you just have to wait; it can take two or more weeks for your rich results to appear (no guarantee). Don’t let this deter you from adding structured data to your site. It will always be worth it. You are making your site’s intent clearer to search engines, and as a result giving them a better opportunity of representing your site in the best possible way on the search result page.

If you don’t know where to get started on your structured data, you’re not alone. For many companies, the behind-the-scenes elements to SEO aren’t their focus. We’re able to provide a comprehensive analysis of your search engine performance, give accurate and insightful reporting, and (most importantly) improve your website traction — no black hat tactics needed. Get in touch, and let’s talk. (Coffee is on us.)