Beyond Your Blog, Where Should Your Content Live?

An inspiring female rapper by the name of Missy Elliott once said, “I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it.” I thought about it these past few days while writing

Words Matter

As a digital marketer, you want to make the most out of your digital marketing plan. That’s why we’ve put together these 23 carefully crafted digital marketing tips! Yes, that was written

Is Content Really The King?

We’ve all heard the Bill Gates quote, “Content Is King,” but what does that really mean? Is it really worth taking the time to add daily social media posts, weekly blogs, and

Marketing and Leadership

 Leadership is about how you present yourself — especially when it comes to content marketing. Taking your content to the next level is about being confident in your own expertise, and

Stop The Corporate Gobbledygook: Social That Stands Out

College is hard. Like, really hard. So, to blow off a little steam during the semester, my roommates and I decided to start a weekly game night. Because of its competitive and

Your Brand, On Purpose

I have to admit — I like to spend Friday nights unwinding in the home decor section of  Target. It’s truly the place to be. If you haven’t been in one recently,

So, You Want to Start A Podcast?

Today’s consumers are digesting content through many different mediums, and podcasting is just one way that businesses are getting their brand message out. While podcasts (sadly) aren’t just for the Moniques of

Your Customers Should Be Your Best Marketers

Back in the day, winning customers was simple; all you had to do was exceed their expectations. Today, customers are the ones with the power. They have more options, more technologies, and

Where in the World Can You Write?

It’s been three hours. Wait, no that can’t be right. You’ve only written three sentences. That’s an average of an hour a sentence, and oh no — it’s actually been four hours.

On Target Featured As One of the Coolest Office Spaces in Orlando

If you’ve visited the On Target offices in the past year, you’ve probably been taken on a tour of the new space. And for good reason — we’re damn proud of it.

Smart Storytelling

Have you ever been the victim of an untalented storyteller? They hold you captive at networking events and over cold cups of coffee with an unfulfilled promise: “I have a great story

A Brand Alive: …To Now

A Brand Alive is a two-part blog on how your brand’s story is critical to your marketing. You can catch up with part one here! Placement, price, product, and promotion all have