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Google Analytics 4: Understanding the Benefits of Google’s Newest Tool

Google Analytics — it’s one of the most widely used web analytics tools on the planet. In October 2020, Google announced the latest version of their analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). They also said everyone would need to switch over to the updated version by summer of 2023… or Google would do it for them. 

Even if you hate change, do not fear! This update brings with it significant improvements and changes that website owners like yourself should know. In this article, we’ll discuss these changes and what they mean for both website owners and other digital marketing agencies like On Target.

GA4 has a new way of measuring website activity that shifts the focus from traditional metrics like sessions and pageviews to user engagement and customer journey analysis. Its user-friendly, streamlined interface provides a more accurate representation of how users interact with your website.

Improved User-Centric Data Collection

One major change in GA4 is the way it collects and processes user data. The previous version of Google Analytics relied on cookies to track user activity. Cookies are not always accurate, as many users now use ad-blockers or regularly clear their cookies. GA4 uses a new tracking code that relies on events and parameters to collect data. This new tracking method is more reliable, even when cookies are blocked, and provides a more complete view of user behavior across devices and channels.

Better Data Analysis

GA4 is designed to provide more actionable insights and easier data analysis for business owners and marketing agencies. The new platform uses machine learning algorithms to identify user patterns and behavior. This allows business owners and marketers to make decisions based on real user insights. This includes better data visualization tools that make it easier to understand your website’s performance and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Tracking

With the increasing variety of devices on the market, business owners need to understand how users interact with their website across multiple devices and platforms. GA4 provides a more comprehensive view of the customer journey, tracking user behavior across platforms, including mobile apps, web apps, and web browsers. Having a more comprehensive view of your site’s traffic and the customer journey is an invaluable marketing tool.

Improved Ecommerce Tracking

GA4 offers improved ecommerce tracking, including real-time reporting and better tracking of revenue, transactions, and product performance. The new platform allows ecommerce site owners to better understand the individual transactions, as well as the customer journey and sales cycle.

With most legacy sites switching to Google Analytics 4, the power of analytics has become more evident. GA4 helps business owners gain a complete understanding of the KPIs most important to them. The marketing agencies charged with growth and understanding the correlation between traffic origin and on-site performance now have a more powerful analytics tool at their disposal. Never before have we had such a clear picture painted of the digital landscape. And it’s getting better all the time!

Why Analytics Tracking Matters: The Basics

Analytics provide business owners with detailed insight into how their websites are performing. They show how users interact with their websites, which pages are most popular, and where users are dropping off. This allows business owners and digital marketers to make data-driven decisions to improve the website’s performance and optimize online marketing efforts.

One significant benefit of website analytics is that it provides business owners with a clear picture of their audience. It tells them who their visitors are, where they come from, which devices they use, and how long they stay on the site. This information can be used to tailor content and design to meet the needs and preferences of their audience.

Website analytics also help business owners track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. By monitoring traffic sources, business owners can determine which marketing channels are driving the most traffic to their site. They can then focus their efforts on the most effective channels to maximize their return on investment.

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