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Understanding the World of SEO

How many times have you gone past the first few pages on Google? Better yet, how many times do you even go past page one? For me, that answer can be counted on one hand. But that doesn’t mean the content on page one is necessarily better than the content on page 10. Getting to the front page isn’t a process that happens overnight by adding a keyword to your content here and there; it’s an ever-evolving process that takes into account every aspect of your website. So how do you start appearing on the first few pages of Google? SEO.

What is SEO?

When done right, SEO helps your website increase the quality and content of your website traffic, which creates exposure to your brand. Accomplishing this is no easy task. But through correct digital marketing practices, it can be achieved. A common SEO practice is incorporating keywords throughout your website content. This makes it possible for users to find your content with a search engine. Another way to look at keywords is to think about what you put into Google. If you’re in Orlando and are looking for digital marketing, you might Google “Orlando digital marketing.” On Target comes up on the front page because our content is optimized with that keyword.

But There’s More to It

But SEO depends on so much more than keywords. Is your site secure? Is it responsive and accessible? Are your URLs SEO-friendly? Is your site slow on desktop or mobile? These factors change constantly thanks to Google’s frequent algorithm updates. This list can go on and on, which is why you need a trusted digital marketing expert. 

There are both right and wrong ways of implementing SEO, and if done incorrectly, Google can penalize you for a keyword or can lower the traffic of your entire website. In the end, SEO is more about appeasing both Google and users with quick answers to search queries. As a great boss once said, “True SEO is not about backlinks and H1 tags; it’s about feeding your audience with remarkable content.” (Spoiler alert: It was our boss.) So contact On Target Digital Marketing, an Orlando digital marketing agency that’s been doing SEO long before you even heard of it.