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How Does On Target Get You Found?

Snap. Hotbot. AskJeeves. Excite. Yeah. Those are a blast from the past when it comes to SEO. We’ve been there. In fact, On Target was one of the first boutique SEO agencies in Orlando many moons ago, and many Google searches ago. SEO is in our DNA and when your brand needs to get more eyeballs on its website, we should probably talk. Around here, SEO is driven by content. We do it the right way. The white hat way, the pure silky smooth way. If you’ve tried a million other SEO firms and been burned, welcome home. We’re no nonsense, we know our stuff, and we do it right from the beginning. All of our SEO clients receive fresh, amazing content, that content is the fuel that keeps the digital world happy.

“True SEO Is Not About Backlinks & H1 Tags. It’s About Feeding Your Audience With Remarkable Content.”– Tom Jelneck

SEO, The On Target Way

This is where we got our humble beginnings. From the days of HotBot, Snap, Ask Jeeves, and AltaVista, we’ve been around the SEO space for quite some time. We have also NEVER read SEO for Dummies, so there’s that. At the end of the day, true SEO is all about the customer experience and how well we’ve compelled your audience with amazing content. Yes, we know there’s technical stuff to be done and yes, we do that smashingly well, but the true meat and potatoes is a stream of remarkable content that will pull people to your brand AND attract the likes of Google.

SEO  Science

With SEO there is a lot of techie stuff that has to happen behind the scenes and our team fully gets and understands that. From the way that your site is built, to structured data, to how we label your navigation items, the technical schmenical is really important. Once we get all up under the hood of your site, we’ll see just what we’ve got going on and get it patched right up. We’ll also look at your reach across the interwebs and make certain that everything is humming. Google ranks websites based on a buttload of factors and our SEO team knows where to focus, and how to get it dialed in.


To win at SEO, you must feed. Activity attracts activity and this can’t be a one and done operation friends. The more rich, amazing, mind-blowing content that we create for your website on an ongoing basis, the more traffic you’ll receive, the more Google will crawl and digest your content and the more opportunities you’ll have to close a ginomrous deal. Every month, our crazy content team will work with our crazier SEO team in harmony to ensure your website is getting the SEO TLC that it needs to keep climbin’ up those results.

Optimized Content

Not all website copy is equal and your content plays a vital role in getting those crazy Google spiders to chow down on your site. Our content team knows what’s up and will spend the quality time it takes to optimize your website content to please humans and pesky bots alike. But wait. There’s more. We’ll adjust each and every title and meta description on your website to attract humans through the search engine results AND preach to Google what each and every page of your content is all about. Translation: This helps your SEO hum.

Fuel With Content

We love the saying you can’t expect what you don’t inspect. We have NO idea who said it, but THANK YOU. We spend the quality time that it takes to rummage through your Google Analytics to understand just what’s working, what’s not, what’s resonating, what’s making Google happy and all kinds of other fun data based things. In the SEO world, the numbers AND the rankings don’t lie, so our team becomes intimately involved with your data. They really kind of like it. Weirdos.

Zero BS

Look. We’re experts. We’ve been doing this since Knight Rider was cool. We know MANY SEO companies promise you you’ll be number one in two shakes of a lambs tail. We’re not gonna be shaking any lamb’s tails, and we’re not going to promise you number one results. In fact, no one on the planet can. They aren’t Google. They aren’t on Google’s payroll, they don’t get some uber special connection to the Google Gods with some certification that enables them to pull a knob and make you number 1. To rank really well, it takes grit. It takes knowledge. It takes research, and it takes content. Just so we’re on the same page, we don’t guarantee placement, we guarentee our expertise, our history and most importantly the results we achieve for others and ourselves.
There. We said it. Phew.

Strategy & Maintenance

SEO isn’t button pushing and our team needs to keep eyeballs on what the great Google Gods are doing on a regular basis. This world changes daily and our eager, caffeinated SEO team lives to tackle challenges. Our team is on it and, like precision surgeons, will make adjustments to your SEO as needed without all of the cutting.

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