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Screenshot of the Pure Grind website


Pure Grind: For the Purists

I don’t like coffee. Seriously. And I’m not going to lie to you — I don’t know how I got my foot in the door at On Target either. Because if there’s one thing you know about our company (and our CEO, Tom) is that we love coffee. Fresh coffee is flowing all day, and we’ve even had team meetings dedicated solely to how to use the coffee maker. Seriously, the people here are coffee fanatics, which is why when Tom announced he was turning his passion into a business, none of us were really surprised. So we got to work building Pure Grind Coffee.

From the Ground(s) Up

When Tom pitched the idea of Pure Grind Coffee to the team, he didn’t have much — at least marketing-wise. He had a kickass product, but he didn’t have a brand. So we got started on what we do best, building a brand from the ground up. We started working on Pure Grind Coffee the way we would with any other client; we started with a discovery session. What did Tom think the feel of his brand was? What type of demographic was he going after? How did he want his brand to feel? What sparked his passion for coffee? What was his why? Once we did a deep dive and learned more about Pure Grind Coffee, we developed a marketing strategy and got started on building a kickass brand.

A Kickass Design for a Kickass Brand

First things first, our design team got started on creating a logo. We wanted something that was smooth, sleek, and bold — just like the coffee. Next came the web design. Similar to the logo, we wanted the website to be user-friendly, tie in our social media, and drive people with a clear call to action. If you take a look and explore the Pure Grind Coffee website, I think you’ll see it does just that. Finally, we got started on content. From social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook, to blog content, we’ve created a narrative that not only tells Pure Grind’s story but the story of the hustlers who drink it as well. With all the pieces put together, Pure Grind Coffee has truly become the coffee brand to watch.

So take a look around Pure Grind’s website, read a blog or two, and hit that follow button on social media. Heck, even order yourself a bag of coffee. You’ll see that it lives up to the hype (just don’t tell anyone if you add creamer). And for any of your digital marketing needs, just hit us up. We’d love to take your brand to the next level. Just fill out that handy-dandy form below or give us a call at (407) 830-4500. We can’t wait to get chatting.