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Making Remote Communication Easy

It’s no surprise that work communication has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Businesses quickly had to adapt to remote environments at a rapid pace and have been working out the kinks since then. As we look into a “new normal” many businesses are needing to find solutions for professional and efficient communication platforms that offer flexibility and, most importantly, are compatible with remote work. 

Enter ATS Communications: a local communication provider in Orlando that offers small to large size businesses a wide variety of custom communication solutions.

As a new client of On Target, ATS is looking to change the way businesses consider communication platforms. Now more than ever, remote work environments need to be faster at implementation and flexible at adjustments. 

ATS offers an excellent unified communication system called Wildix. It’s a cloud-based system that allows businesses to get closer to their clients and colleagues. A robust and efficient system that offers all of the important tools for remote working, including audio and video chats, conference calling, chat/file transfer, drag and drop call transfer, voicemail and call history, CRM integration, and much more — and it’s all complete browser-based!

On Target Digital Marketing is excited to be helping ATS take this product to market in the Orlando area. We’ll be creating a new website that will highlight not only Wildix but all of the products and solutions that ATS has to offer. In addition to a new website, we will also provide digital marketing services, such as content and social media creation, as well as advertising to help increase the awareness of these products to local Orlando businesses.