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Digital Marketing Is In Our DNA.

From the first fish that was drawn on a cave wall with a sharp rock, to the countless stories passed down from generations, storytelling is at the core of humanity. We dig that. We live it. We think every brand on the planet should be sharing their story. Whether you sell telecom services, private education, pooper scoopers, light measurement tools or jet engines, your brand has a story to tell. We simply love to create meaningful relationships for your brand and we do that through a strategic, caffeine fueled, results craving method that includes a marketing plan to map out your online success, SEO, SEM, content creation, snazzy websites that convert, and of course, a team of digital marketing experts that live to help your brand win.

How Will On Target Tell Your Story?

Your hungry consumers want to be treated like a human. They crave leadership. They want to laugh, cry, feel, learn and be moved in a way that compels them to take an action. This is what we do. We create that ‘stuff.’ The stuff that resonates, the stuff that hits ’em in the feels. We get that stuff in the places that they’re hanging out, and that’s when $#!+ gets real. We build the web sites, the social channels, the ads that resonate, the blog posts, the instagram posts, the podcasts, and everything else that creates a meaningful relationship in the digital marketing world.

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How Will On Target Tell Your Story

Content Marketing

Blogs, website copy, infographics, audio content , video, and social media posts.

Audio Content

Content comes in various formats these days. Reach your audience with a podcast. 

Social Media

Yup. We are social butterflies, but here’s the thing. We do it with intent.

Digital Advertising

From strategy, to discovery, to demographic profiling, we love advertising.

Automated Marketing

We turn your website into a lead generating machine with our remarkable, intelligent software.

Analytics & Reporting

We put all of the necessary data you need to put your eyeballs on in one place. Easy peasy.

Video Content

Build thought leadership with our video content creation services. We script it, shoot it, edit it and get it seen.

Web Design / Build / Win

We plan it, humanize it, design it, build it, and turn it into a marketing, lead generating machine.


We help build brand identities through our humanizing process. Brand guides, narrative, logo creation and more, we make it happen.


You’ve got an amazing story to tell and the digital marketing pros at On Target can’t wait to help you craft that story and get eyeballs on it.

  1. Getting To Know You

    We spend time getting to learn all about your brand. Where its been, where it is know and where it’s going. We also create an editorial calendar wrapped around your sales cycle.

  2. Origin Stories

    We love stories, especially yours. To ensure that we’ve captured the deets and personality of your brand, our writers / editorial team will get your story composed.

  3. Keep On Creating

    Once we’ve nailed the tone of your brand through your story, we get to work creating all of the good stuff that will attract your hungry audience. Pure Magic.

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