A Brand Alive: From Then…

Placement. Price. Product. Promotion. That’s a lot of P. If you open up any dusty, old marketing book, you’ll see these four words glaring at you on the page. These four Ps

Fuel Up With Some Laughs & Digital Marketing Knowledge

With over 30 shows produced, the T2 Tech Talk Podcast is grabbing some market share on the interwebs. True blue listeners (all 34 of them, lol) tune in to hear Tom Craig

Fuel Up! With Andrea Massey-Farrell

 Meet Andrea I went for a bike ride last weekend to clear my head and think through a few things. One of my objectives was to find inspiration. As I cycled

Fuel Up! & Stay Curious. Meet Sonni Abatta

Are you a naturally curious person? Do you poke holes in other people’s stories? Do you find yourself always asking questions? Do you love to explore, dig deeper, and seek understanding? Curiosity,

Fuel Up! With Dr. Ena Heller, A True Passion For The Arts AND Humans

Meet Dr. Ena Heller The political turmoil and unrest of communist Romania became far too much for Dr. Ena’s family to handle. “Our family was complicated. Both my mom and dad’s sides

Fuel Up! An Attitude Of Gratitude: Kyle Johnson With Lighthouse Works

“That tap on my shoulder saved my life.” Smoothies and Surfing Hitting the beach after working long, grueling hours at the smoothie shop was the highlight of Kyle Johnson’s life. Back then,

Empowering Lives: Fuel Up With Michelee Puppets

Tracey Conner went to college with hopes, dreams, and aspirations to be a stage actress. Her years at Bowling Green State University solidified that passion, and after she graduated, she made her

Real Stories, Real People

How do I…
Change my oil?
 Fix my business?
 Get my relationship back On Target? Tame my Alpaca? Tie my shoelaces? Improve my SEO?
 Play Far Cry 5? Content is everywhere. Name the

Show Your True Colors

What’s your favorite color? Does it change with your mood, or does it stay constant? Have you ever wondered why that color is your favorite? Your favorite color can say a lot

You’ll Never Believe What This Marketer Does to Avoid Clickbait Headlines!

“Dog Uses This Secret Ingredient In Treats. You’ll Never Believe What Happens!” “Cat Gets Into Bag of Catnip. He Was Not Prepared For How He’d Feel!” “Crazy! World’s Oldest Hamster Shares Tips

Why Tone is The Eye Contact of Content

A monotone businessperson knocks on your door. They stare at the ground, unenthusiastically feeding you a relentless string of information — information that you honestly don’t care about and aren’t sure how

Content Marketing & The Law of Attraction

You’ve had a long day. You’ve battled traffic, taken in a ton of information at work, and consumed a years’ worth of social media content, cat pictures, political nonsense, and whining friends.