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Google Analytics Goes Secure

Google Analytics is an integral part of what we do here at Green Arrow Marketing every day. Delray Beach SEO demands that we stay on top of our clients’ rankings and every facet of what’s happening with their website traffic. With changes happening on what seems like a day to day basis, making sure we understand the changes that major players in the game like Google make are critical to our success, and more importantly, the success of our clients. By gaining a full understanding of these changes and how they can potentially impact our clients and how they rank in search engines, we can make sure that we’re ahead of the curve and making moves to turn pitfalls into opportunities. Sometimes, competitors fall asleep at the wheel, and by not making necessary adjustments they create a window of opportunity we can help our clients walk-through.

Delray Beach SEO - Google Analytics

Google Analytics

One of the recent changes that Google rolled out involves the privacy and security of Googles’ end users. To that end, Google Analytics utilizes HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which basically dictates to browsers that do support HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) to be sure to use that particular protocol for encryption. This covers data transfer and communication for websites, Google servers, and most importantly Googles’ end users.

Because Google’s mantra has, and always will be, serving up the very best content and search results for it’s end users, protecting those end users has become equally important to Google. Maintaining it’s position as the undisputed worldwide leader in global search means constantly advancing and improving it’s offerings. With a growing concern for privacy related issues, this move by Google assuages fears and alleviates those concerns, and bolsters Googles commitment to delivery only the very best. By securing information to and from the Google Analytics platform, it’s another step in the right direction for Google.

Google Analytics - Delray Beach SEO CompanyWhat does this mean for your Delray Beach SEO efforts? Perhaps the best part about this change is that there is no action required to maintain your search engine optimization. That’s a refreshing propsect for SEO’s everywhere, who normally are sent into a panic when Google announces a global change such as this. But Google has taken the liberty of making sure everything is taken care of, so it’s business as usual on our end.

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The first step is to clearly understand your business and your target audience. Creating a successful marketing campaign hinges on an in-depth understanding of the goals and objectives for each individual client. And each SEO marketing campaign is as unique as each clients’ business. Because each client is so different, each commands a different approach, different tactics with unique expectations.

Our specialty is the uniqueness of each campaign. We parlay our experiences with a wide variety of clients and industries into each new client relationship. By leaning on the knowledge gained from our past successes (and failures), we pour ourselves into everything we do. Your success is our success, and we depend on client referrals as a big part of our business model. By exceeding your expectations, we better our chances of clients recommending our services to their friends, family and colleagues. And those relationships must be built on results.

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