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Avast, Ye Mateys!

Avast, all ye landlubbers! It’s time to gather ‘round and find the buried treasure of Captain Greybeard. Scavengee is an outdoor escape adventure built for the times. Not only do you get to explore your own backyard, but you also get to maintain a fathom (six feet for all you non-pirate folks out there) away from other crews! With a great idea and business model in mind, Scavengee came to us to help ramp up both their social media and their advertising presence, and we were more than happy to take on the challenge!

Social Media for Scallywags

When it comes to creating social media, the more creative we can get, the better. Scavengee provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put all of our Pirates of the Caribbean knowledge to use! After a discovery meeting where we took a deep dive into the Scavengee adventure, our content team got to work creating relevant, informative, and themed social posts to engage potential customers. Rather than focusing solely on selling, we created engaging posts that would help every city across America feel the excitement of Scavengee! From sharing pictures and videos from the treasure hunt to talking about Scavengee’s charitable contributions, we created social posts that kept in theme with the hunt and spread the joy of Scavengee.

Ahoy, Advertising!

In addition to creating social media content, we also crafted Facebook advertisements. What makes Scavengee unique is that it is truly a product for everyone. From families to young adults to even corporations, everyone can enjoy a good treasure hunt. As strong believers in finding your niche, narrowing down Scavengee’s market presented a challenge. First, we narrowed our ads down to where the events were taking place, and then we truly had to put ourselves in the mindset of a treasure hunter. After a few tweaks, we created the perfect audience to advertise to. Let the ticket sales begin!

At On Target Digital Marketing, we tailor our services to you. From going on a treasure hunt to keeping up with the latest trends, our content team is here to help give you a cohesive voice. And for any of your other digital marketing needs, the On Target team has you covered. Just give us a call at (407) 830-4550.