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Why Tone is The Eye Contact of Content

A monotone businessperson knocks on your door. They stare at the ground, unenthusiastically feeding you a relentless string of information — information that you honestly don’t care about and aren’t sure how to stop — in the hopes that they’ll turn a profit. A pitch like that accomplishes nothing! If done well, the connection created during a face-to-face conversation can be powerful. However, when you don’t have the advantage of meeting in person, your website and its tone are how you create genuine, human connections. Without the right tone, reading a website’s blog can feel like receiving an awkward sales pitch with zero eye contact. Find your brand’s personality! Capitalizing on the attractiveness of a genuine tone is the key to building rapport and calling consumers to action.

Create to Connect

I learned a lot about the importance of storytelling during my summer at On Target, and tone is crucial to that concept. Storytelling is the art of writing personable, meaningful content that’s worth reading. The tone with which your content is written heavily influences how your story is perceived, and it can sway consumers to make a choice — will they stay on your site and seek out more information, or are they bored by stiff language that doesn’t fit your brand?

Demonstrate Trustworthiness

Posts that are raw and vulnerable are the ones that humanize your brand and bridge the online gap between company and consumer. Consider what the next step could be for your company — and make sure it fits who you are. Whether you want to add humor into your weekly content or modify your site to showcase thought leadership, start by identifying your target demographic. Then, focus on building a trustworthy relationship with them through your site and its intentional tone.

Show Your Personality

Considering you’re not face-to-face with each individual who browses your site, it’s important to create a consistent, inviting tone. Your content is your chance to say “hello” and extend your hand to readers for a virtual handshake. It represents who your company is and what it stands for. It’s your chance to create an enticing message and establish thought leadership. Showcasing your personality hooks readers and lets them get to know your humor, style, and spunk.

Thought leadership is essential. With the right tone, you can demonstrate your expertise and avoid the sales-y, spammy tone that acts as a customer repellant. Maintaining your company’s unique tone ensures that viewers feel at home on your site. Consistency helps customers know your brand on a personal level, and with the perfect tone flowing throughout your company’s website, you’re unstoppable.

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About the Author

Meredith is a rising Sophomore at Rollins College and a writing and editing intern at On Target. She is an undeclared major and hopes to write her own book one day. Outside of the office she enjoys kickboxing, hiking, and listening to `70s rock.

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