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Who Cares What I Blog About Anyway?


No one. That might be the answer that you are thinking in your head. No one cares what you blog about.

Are you stuck in this mindset? Are you wondering why you blog tirelessly each week get nothing from it? Are you not seeing the return from your blogs that you hoped for or that your digital marketing company told you that you would get?

You are doing it wrong. Yep, that’s right; you are going about content creation all wrong, especially if you have the mindset that people don’t care what you are writing about. I am here to tell you that people do care what you write about, you just have to find the right people; isn’t that what marketing is all about, reaching your perfect target audience? So why do we ignore it when it comes to content creation?

Maybe you have been in your industry for several years yet you find yourself bored when you sit down to write a blog; all you can think about is boring content. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. The reason is because many of us write just for the sake of writing, because we know it’s good for our digital marketing, but let’s dig deeper and figure out why we are writing content and maybe the creative juices will start to flow a bit easier.

What is the first thing you do before you write a blog? Maybe look online, see what’s trending and find a topic that is of interest to you (it has to be interesting to you so that you can write about it, right)? That’s the old way of doing things. The next time you sit down to create content, first ask yourself, “Who do I want to read my content and where will I share my content?” – Got that? Great. But…..what if you don’t know the answer? That’s fine, let’s break this down a bit further:

  • Determine Your Target Persona – It’s so easy to determine a target audience. Male & Female ages 30-45. Easy. Boring. But that doesn’t give us enough details into targeting their interests. So, let’s create a target persona. Imagine that you are a local drone hobby store. Your target persona might look something like this:
    • Male (we will call him Anthony)
    • 30-45 Years of Age
    • Active on Social Media, Specifically Facebook, Reddit & LinkedIn
    • Consumes most of his information online
    • Avid follower of MSNBC & CNN (both on TV and through an online following)
    • Crazy about all things unmanned aircraft
    • Makes most purchasing decisions based off of online reviews.
  • Where Will Your Content Be Shared? – This is the next thing we need to consider. Let’s look back at our target persona, Anthony. We see that Anthony is active on social media, specifically Facebook & Reddit and we also see that he follows MSNBC & CNN. So, what will that strategy look like?
    • Plan a creative & targeted Facebook Boost post that will share the blog content to people like Anthony and those that share Anthony’s interests. Use sexy graphics that you have from your products to peak their interest as they scroll frivolously through Facebook each day. Set a reasonable boost post budget that will last you 2-3 days minimum or at least until your next content masterpiece comes out.
    • Dig through Reddit and see if there are any unmanned aircraft subreddits and share your content on those boards.
    • LinkedIn offers excellent discussion boards where conversations about content can be found, shared and talked about. Find a drone or unmanned aircraft discussion group and start a conversation about your content; you should also share your content on your business and personal profile as well.
  • SEO Magic – Guess what? Just by planning your target persona and determining how and where you will share your content, you have already created some SEO magic. What do I mean by that? LINKS! Good ol’ natural links – something that Google absolutely adores and your SEO will thank you for doing this. Google keeps encouraging marketers and business professionals to stop link building and allow your content to do the natural link building for you.
  • Time to Get Writing – Looking at news sources and what is trending is still a viable option for getting inspiration for creating content but now it has a purpose and that purpose is certainly in line with your SEO goals of getting more traffic to your website, increasing engagement, converting website visitors and dominating in the search engines.

See, creating content isn’t too bad and now you have a purpose. And I can guarantee you that if you determine the answers to the questions I proposed above, your target persona will care what you blog about and even consider your company as a credible source.

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