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What’s the Big Deal With Videos?

Social media is filled with every type of content you can dream of, so you really have to make your product or service stand out in a unique way. Video content isn’t the newest form of marketing by any means, but it is an effective part of any content marketing strategy. Odds are, people are going to opt to watch a two-minute video over taking 10 minutes to read a blog. Video content also provides your followers with an extremely shareable post that will help you increase your overall reach. In fact, marketers who use video in their strategies grow 49% faster than those who don’t use video! We’re not just here to talk the talk, we’re going to walk the walk and show you how videos got us a new client and help get you started creating video content!

How One Video Got Us a New Lead

Okay, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot to say we got one new client from a video. But what I haven’t told you yet, is that we got a new lead and sent them a proposal within 24 hours of the video going live on our social media. Not as an ad, not as a boosted post, as regular old organic social. Our soon-to-be new client was just searching for a marketing firm that knows how to market themselves, and Google sent them over to us where they saw our brand new video. We didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on this video campaign. We actually didn’t spend any money! One of our writing interns paired with our social media assistant spent a few afternoons recording and editing the videos with the equipment we already owned and posted them once they were done. It doesn’t take a huge team or a huge budget to create engaging and effective video content!

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create high-quality, engaging videos! Sure, a professional video camera has the best quality, but you really don’t need to create a 4k video for social media. iPhones have incredible camera quality these days. Post your video where your customers spend the most time. Depending on your target demographic, that may be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. Pick the platform that will help you reach the highest number of potential customers! Ensure that your video is optimized to reach the most amount of viewers. Most social media users are scrolling through social media on their phones, so a square video would work best so that the viewer doesn’t have to rotate their phone. Keep your video short and simple, videos shorter than two minutes receive the most engagement. 

Video content is one of the fastest-growing content marketing strategies around — and for good reason! If you need help incorporating video into your content marketing strategy, just contact the experts at On Target. Give us a call at (407) 830-4550 or fill out that form below. We can’t wait to chat.