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What’s on Your Bucket List?


Two very important things are happening on April 21, 2015. First and foremost, I turn the BIG 3-0 (Ugh. It’s still a little hard to say that out loud)!  Secondly, something that is cause for much less of a celebration, Google will be releasing their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. Aside from the date, what do these two things have in common? Bucket lists. With my birthday just over one month away, it had me thinking about my bucket list. What do I want to accomplish, and how will I leave my footprint in this world?

Much in the way that we ponder life goals and make bucket lists, it’s important to think about what you want to accomplish with your digital marketing efforts and what type of footprint you want your company to leave online.

With this big Google change just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to go over a digital marketing bucket list.

  1. Go Mobile or Go Home – If you have been thinking about a mobile site or having your site done in a responsive environment, do it now. In just over 30 days, Google will significantly change search performance based on whether or not your website is mobile friendly. While this will only affect searches done on mobile devices, it is important to keep in mind an estimated 50% of Google’s searches happen on mobile devices. Make this your #1 marketing bucket list priority.
  2. Become a Social Butterfly  – Don’t be a marketing introvert. Consumers are spending more time on Facebook than they do with their own pets or children. You don’t believe me? Put down the phone, and go find your kids. It’s easy for companies to hide to behind a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page; but that isn’t what the consumer wants these days. They want you to be real and engaging with your brand. Evaluate your brand’s social media presence. Are you asking real questions? Do you have engaging photos? Are you speaking with your consumers? Get active and put social media on your marketing bucket list.
  3. Tell Your Story – Storytelling is one of these great buzzwords around content marketing and it makes so much sense. Remember back in the day when sales people would come to your door to sell you products (I wouldn’t know; I am a spring chicken, but I have seen it in movies so it must be true)? It was easy to make a connection with the person and their product because they were right in front of you. Your brand needs to make that connection online, and you do that through storytelling. Great content that exudes passion behind your products and services is what is going to get your brand found, shared and talked about.

Marketing in today’s world is ever changing, and it’s always good to take a look at what is happening with technology and how you can adapt your plan. Make a marketing bucket list each year so that you can accomplish your goals and have a better digital presence.

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PS – I didn’t have a bucket list before today because I try to live in the moment. With 30 looming over my head, I decided to jot down my list. I hope you enjoy.

  • Have 1.5 – 2.5 Kids – For those unaware of the the “Monique Math”, this is 1 or 2 kids and a dog.
  • Visit Ireland – Just after my 1st year in college, I turned down the chance to go to Ireland, for free, for 1 month. What was I thinking?!?!
  • Get back into Scuba Diving – Some of the best times I had during my teenage years and early 20s was being 100 feet down in the wide-open ocean and connecting with mother nature.
  • Take Ballet Classes – I enjoyed ballet classes as a child. I signed up a year ago for an adult ballet class, bought the shoes, drove to the studio and turned around and left.
  • Be in the Moment – In general, be a good influence on the people around me so that I have amazing stories to tell my kids one day.

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