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Websites Are So Early 2000s

Start Thinking Outside of Your Website

I wanted to talk to you about your website. Everyone obsesses about traffic to their website. I have to tell you, five years ago that was cool. That’s what you needed to be obsessing about.
Today…not so much.
Here’s why —
All of your consumers, all of your target audience, are not scouring the web looking for your website. I hate to tell you that. What they are doing is spending all of their time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or even on your competitor’s page. They’re out there, and they’re not always going to be coming to your website. So a lot of people put this tunnel vision, these lenses on, that say: “I need people to find my website.” Well, yes, that’s true. I don’t discount that. You have to have a kickass, marketing-fueled website, that is very informational. It establishes thought leadership and all that crap — totally true. However, my challenge to you today is to start thinking outside of your website.

Make Meaningful Connections

You have to start putting in the time on LinkedIn making great, meaningful connections. That doesn’t mean connecting with every Tom, Dick, and Harry from every single multi-level marketing scheme on the planet. Be choosy about your audience. Be mindful of who you’re connecting with. Share wisdom, thought leadership, and inspiration.

Relevancy Is The Key

Here’s what not to do. I’m a part of this group that has a Facebook page. There is a particular person within that group that keeps posting real estate listings on a business group, praying that somebody is going to miraculously see this house listing and say, “You know what? I’m in the market for a house today. I need to buy that house.”

Now, I’m not picking on real estate agents. But I am saying that there’s a time and a place. You need to know what works where, what matters where, and frankly, if something’s going to start pissing people off. Don’t post garbage that’s not relevant. Relevancy is the key.

So here are a couple of takeaways:

Keep Posting Content That Is Meaningful

Work on your website, absolutely. But, make the content meaningful. Meaningful to the people that you want to work with — not to yourself.
I want you to hear that — not to yourself.
Create meaningful content for the people you’d love to work with.

Make Certain Your Conversations Are Not Just On Your Website
Deconstruct your target audience. Utilize digital marketing. Figure out where they’re hanging out on social media channels, and be there. Be a part of their life. Be a part of their relationships.

Create great stuff — that they want — not what you want.

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