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The Power of Visual Content

When you think about content, what do you think about? Words, text. Correct? Written content for your website plays a vital role in how successful your digital marketing campaign is, and every marketer will jam the word content down your throat. We are guilty of it! But just because we praise the written word, doesn’t mean that we should discount other forms of content. Yes, there are other forms of content other than blogs and landing pages.

Let’s explore some alternative means for content and how they can leave a powerful and long-last brand message to your site visitors.

Visual Content

Did you know that today’s average consumer prefers visual content compared to written text? It offers your readers a more entertaining view of content and allows them to process everything easier.


Real life images, stills, infographics etc will not only help connect your brand with your consumers, but it will also spark social media engagement. If you are looking to draw a response from your consumers, consider sharing images within your social posts and blogs. Get creative. Photo posts get 39% more interaction and emoticons increase comments by 33% so show some emotion.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.23.41 PM


Video is a great way to reach your target demographic, and one of the reasons why companies don’t produce videos is because they get caught up in the creation of the video rather than the marketing of the video. When considering video marketing, it is important to remember that you aren’t building a rocket. Make it casual & short. Check out the video below for some details.

Whether you are telling your story through videos, images, infographics, or written word, make sure that your story is unique and relevant. This will allow your audience to develop a better awareness of the brand message, and make them more apt to share content.