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Used Car Marketing


The Key to Marketing Used Cars

We’ve had the good fortune of working with some exceptionally successful car dealers and believe one key to their success is how they are marketing used cars. Today’s used cars—even those logging 125,000 miles—often last way longer than their predecessors and translate into significant sales revenue and building customer loyalty.

How are the dealerships that do it well marketing used cars?


This is marketing 101, right? When a customer steps onto your lot they need to see clean vehicles, flashy signage, and displays that scream value. Want to quickly engage customers in conversation? Display your best certified used vehicles that still carry a factory warranty AND are priced thousands lower than similar new models.


Even the most strategic marketing campaign can be in vain if you don’t have superb management and well-trained salespeople. Your staff should understand regional preferences and spend time getting to know each customer. Instead of pushing the most expensive car, train your staff to ask questions about customers’ desires, needs, and financial goals. If a salesperson can develop a rapport with a customer and save them money and get them in a vehicle they love, you’re likely to gain a loyal, repeat customer. Since many people replace their car every 2-3 years, this is an important variable to consider.

Social Media

A 2015 study of social media trends revealed that social networks were more important than a dealer’s website when potential car buyers were choosing which dealership to visit. 75% of buyers named social media as the most helpful medium for selecting a car dealership. Since 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook; it’s important to reach your potential customers where they already are.

At Green Arrow, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of used car marketing, and we’ll help you develop a strategy to reach car buyers in innovative ways.

  • Facebook: With 84% of consumers already there, we can help you reach motivated buyers through targeted ads.
  • Twitter: A popular choice for car buyers, more than 300,000 auto-related tweets go out daily. Your GA strategists will use keyword targeting to reach consumers who’ve shown intent to buy.
  • Instagram: Research shows that millennials are bailing from Facebook and turning their attention to Instagram. We can tailor IG ads to reach millennials with the lifestyle one of your certified used vehicles can afford.