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The Importance of Relationship Marketing in Social Media

The Internet has opened a new door for marketers to communicate their brand to prospective consumers. A recent survey shows that four out five consumers turn to social media, email, or chat to communicate with brands digitally. The majority of those people who turn to social media to communicate with a brand do so to ask a question or provide feedback. With this in mind, what better way to build relationships with consumers than through a social media channel? As digital communication is now dominating customer service and relationship marketing, On Target, Orlando social media marketing experts, have some tips your brand can utilize on social media to foster a relationship with loyal customers.

Knowledge is power – so make sure you know which platforms your audience lives on. According to the survey, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter all tend to be the most popular platforms people turn to for customer service. If your company is B2B, LinkedIn and Twitter may work best in terms of reaching the right audience. B2C customers will most likely turn to Google and Facebook. In addition to knowing where your customer is, providing relevant information to them will keep them returning to your pages. Provide them with details on your products or services and just general topics that could be of interest to them.

Be consistent in answering concerns and with the messaging you use. Thoroughly train employees on how you want to answer concerns or questions on social media, and ensure that they are providing accurate information. If a situation turns bad and begins to escalate, make sure your staff is not afraid to bring in management for additional support. When you become reliable and consistent, it makes followers feel comfortable and shows how trustworthy your brand is.

Relationship building through social media builds loyalty, establishes credibility, and provides empathy. If your brand can be authentic and create a pleasant experience with quick and helpful feedback when a customer reaches out to you with a concern or problem, this creates a lasting impression with them that they will likely share with friends and family.

When executing relationship marketing correctly, your brand can stand out as being authentic, credible, and honest. If you need help with your relationship marketing on social platforms, reach out to Orlando social media marketing experts, On Target.