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Bowl of Chocolate Chip Cookies


The Human Touch

I’m an average cook. I understand the basics of seasoning, but my food tends to fall apart without a recipe. That means that every time I want to cook dinner, I need to scour the internet for a good recipe to follow. And finding a recipe can be frustrating; every time I click on a link for cookies, I’m met with what feels like a wall of text before the recipe. Seriously, look up any recipe. Before you get to the good part, you’ll have to scroll through what’s typically a long blog post about how this chocolate chip cookie recipe changed someone’s life. And it feels silly to have to read all that text — until you make the life-changing chocolate chip cookie. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie with Melted Chocolate Chips

See, food bloggers really know what they’re doing. They introduce their recipe with a story, and that story tends to be full of tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the recipe. That story sets their amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe apart from the only okay chocolate chip recipe you’ll find a few links down. The personality, the human touch, that food bloggers are adding to their recipes turns a few measurements into a story. It makes you feel like you’re in the kitchen with them, like someone’s teaching you the secrets of baking, and it’s that humanization that makes you follow them on Pinterest, like their Instagrams, and turn to their site on your next baking day. 

Humanize Your Brand

I’ve said it before, and I will probably say it again. You need to humanize your brand. Call it the content marketing hill I’ve chosen to die on. Telling stories encourages consumers to become more invested in you as a brand — making them more likely to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which makes them more likely to see your new product releases, limited specials, or whatever it is that you do. Creating a voice, whether it’s funny, sarcastic, or serious, that’s authentically you encourages consumer interaction and elevates your brand. 

IPad showing a screen that says "Connect" with social media icons

Sharing Is Caring

So, how do you do it? Humanizing your brand sounds simple on paper, but it can prove to be more challenging than that. And it comes down to one thing really: sharing. Share stories about your team members, share user-generated content, share your personality. And if you need help crafting your message, your personality, or your brand, don’t stress. That’s kind of our thing. Just give our digital marketing agency a ring, and we’ll get you on your way to making personal, humanized content for real people.