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The Easiest Way to Score a Recurring Customer

Isn’t it a great feeling when you acquire a new customer? But what happens when that customer is checking out, ready to be on their way as quickly as possible with their new item, and doesn’t want to provide their email address, most likely to avoid getting bombarded with sales emails? (the most common way retailers draw consumers back to their stores). So now this customer is about to be on their way, ready to forget about your business and quite possibly never return again.

This day in age, there is an incredible amount of competition. To get a recurring customer, you can’t be forgotten. To not be forgotten, you need a way to reconnect, and if they’re not giving up that email address, you’re going to need a plan b.

Enter, “Smiirl”.

Smirrl is a social media fan (or like) counter connected in real time. It’s guaranteed to catch your clients’ attention & make them want to follow you, making the chances of this customer becoming a recurring one, much higher. You have the option to add your logo to the hardware (recommended) and we would suggest placing Smirrl in the most visible area of your store.

Although this is a really easy integration to your business, you have to make sure your social media is on point and its purpose is to draw customers back in without being too “salesy”.

Enter, us, Green Arrow Marketing and Media. With an array of clients opted into our social media services, no matter what type of business you have, we’ve got you covered. Need proof?

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