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Stop Closing, Start Creating

I keep seeing posts on LinkedIn that go something like this: Always Be Closing. I know you’ve seen the image. You can probably see it in your head. ABC = Always Be Closing. You know what? In today’s day and age, the way we sell and the way we put ourselves out there, I’m going to argue with that. I’m going to mix it up a little. I say Always Be Creating. I think in today’s day and age no one wants to be closed. No one wants to be sold to.

Be a Company Who Know What It’s Doing

Our job as business owners, marketers, creators, and good salespeople is to keep creating content that builds us up as a thought leader. It’s that thought leadership that gets people to say, “Oh my God. I want to work with them. They know their stuff.” No one wants to work with somebody who’s working out of their garage. They want to work with somebody who knows what the heck they’re doing. You’ll find that especially in the B2B marketplaces, companies and marketing departments aren’t going to hire Joey the freelancer all the time; they’re going to look for a company that knows what they’re doing and worth their salt. The way you get out there is by creating that thought leadership content.

Here’s one trick I learned a couple of years ago: I started adding the word expert at the end of my name. Some titles have become Digital Marketing Expert, SEO Expert, and Social Media Expert. (Yes, I’ve been doing this long enough where I can say that safely and securely.) Then the coolest thing happened; the media started to pay attention to me whenever they had a story on Google, marketing, or a new device or technology. I was the one they contacted, and I still am.

Create Content to Elevate Yourself and Your Brand

That happened because of thought leadership content and putting that out there. I highly encourage you, if you’re a salesperson or a marketing person, and you keep seeing Always Be Closing — I want you to think of that differently. I want you to start thinking about how you can Always Be Creating. Creating value. Creating relationships. Creating great content that resonates. Don’t use that content just to sell; use it to elevate yourself and your brand. It’ll build confidence. It’ll inspire people. You’ll start building a flock of people that almost have to buy from you when it comes down to transaction time.

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About the Author:

Tom is the Chief coffee brewer, CEO, digital marketing strategist, and kickass content creator for brands across the globe at On Target. He loves nothing more than helping small to medium-sized businesses find their online voice and growing their leads, prospects, and sales.