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Stop Chasing Two Rabbits at One Time

I heard an awesome quote that I think is brilliant and I needed to share it with you:

“He who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” — Confucius

Think about yourself out on the prairie or in the woods and you’re hungry. There are two rabbits, and you can’t chase them both. There’s no way in hell you are going to catch one of them, let alone twoif you’re focusing on catching both. Your eyes are always going to be following the other one.

We Can Not be Chasing Everybody

We can learn a lot from that quote. As marketers, we cannot be chasing everybody. We can’t go after all of the shiny objects. We have to focus. You can niche yourself, and you can hyper-niche yourself. I have watched companies niche themselves so tightly that they’re crushin’ it because they are the only ones in town that do this type of marketing or build this type of product.

We can learn a lot of wisdom about chasing two rabbits. I always say, “stay in your lane.” Do what you do best. Go after the clients that you want to market because you know you can make a dent because you have street cred.

One of the niches On Target pursues is telecom. We have a lot of experience creating content for B2B tech companies, companies that offer ethernet and fiber services. Not everybody can understand and create content that resonates with that intended audience. It’s one of the niches that we pursue because we know our stuff. We have been there and done that. We know how to do it. We have proof of concept. It makes it that much easier if you go out and pursue another telecom or another niche of your choosing: To say, “Hey, our team has been there and done that and written the book on that — literally, written the white paper and promoted it across the net.”

It’s Tempting to Say That Everyone is Your Customer

Trust me, I’ve been there. Thirteen years ago, I cast that net. When I first opened On Target, I thought I could work with everybody. It’s interesting because I onboarded all these clients. I added all these small business owners: a couple of life coaches, some electricians, air conditioning companies, a couple of candlestick makers — you name it — we did it, honestly, to get a paycheck, and start building the business. Over time, and with wisdom, I started realizing that I can not cater to small business owners. I have to cater to marketing directors and marketing managers. So I started crafting my message and my marketing speak to them. Know your audience. Know who you are after. Know who is going to cause you the least amount of pain. Know who is going to cause you the most amount of pain and run the other way.

Market to a Very Specific Person and/or Niche

Learn from my mistakes. Don’t cast your net so wide. Don’t build a company or marketing program that markets to everybody. Market to a very specific person and/or niche and watch your Twitter followers climb. You’ll watch everything build because you are attracting one particular audience with your expertise.

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Tom is the chief coffee brewer, CEO, digital marketing strategist, and kickass content creator for brands across the globe at On Target. He loves nothing more than helping small to medium-sized businesses find their online voice and growing their leads, prospects, and sales.

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