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South Florida Automotive Marketing


South Florida Automotive Marketing

South Florida Automotive Marketing is a competitive and truly dynamic space to be in as a marketer. Miami-Dade, Palm Beach & Broward County all offer a host of choices for agencies who offer marketing in the automotive space. From used car dealerships to large automotive groups, they all have one thing in common: automotive marketing. In order to have a successful car dealership, aggressive marketing is a must. You have to be where your potential customers are. By fostering a strong and engaging online presence, your customers will see your offers and think of you when the time comes to make that purchase.

Any growing dealserhip fully understands the importance of feeding the machine. You must thrive on fresh inbound leads, a comprehensive lead management strategy and constant reminders to your customer base that you exist. These can be accomplished with a solid marketing strategy that covers social media, search engines, popular industry websites and websites your customer base might visit. A proper marketing strategy is well thought out, well planned and must be well executed. In order to accomplish those goals, you need a team of experienced marketers.

At Green Arrow Marketing & Media, our team covers all the bases, all in one place. We start by gaining a solid understanding of your dealership, your target clientele, your current positioning in the marketplace, your goals, your strengths & weaknesses and your budget. We pride ourselves on crafting unique and custom strategies for each client. What works for a car dealership in Miami may not be as effective for a car dealership in Orlando. Each market and region is different. Each franchise and car line is different. Each GM’s approach to sales & marketing is different. All of those factors must be considered when planning an automotive marketing strategy if it’s to be successful.

South Florida Automotive Marketing

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South Florida Automotive Marketing
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Green Arrow Marketing offers a wide variety of services that can help drive car buyers to your doorstep, including:

  • Google AdWords Campaign Creation & Management
  • Extremely Targeted Facebook/Instagram Ads (including custom creatives)
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design/Print

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