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Small Business Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips:

Is your business too small to hire a marketing company right now? Here are a few Marketing Tips you can do to help grow your business through advertising.

Facebook Ads:

If you are a local business and even if you can only put $1 a day into advertising, set up a “Local Awareness” ad on Facebook. These types of ads are built to be more affordable than traditional advertising platforms.

If you have an online business, a better choice would be to set up a “Clicks to Website” ad and simply target it to reach people who have interest in products or services similar to what your business offers. Green Arrow can help you set up and manage and effective social media campaign that includes full social media management, social media advertising and more!


Advertise your business yourself, and no, you don’t have to go to extreme networking functions that cost $150 to do this. You can easily network and actually build an even more personal connection doing it the old fashion way. Invest in some business cards (Contact Us for design & printing options!) and chat it up, whether you’re standing in line at the bank, waiting for your car to be serviced, or even at a bar. The opportunities to network and get your name out there are endless.

Local Magazines:

More often than not, your local community will be the most likely to embrace your business and become your most loyal customers and/or clients. An easy way to build this type of loyal clientele is to advertise in local magazines. Sometimes they will have unsold space and will sell it at a discount.

Sponsor a community event:

If you have the funds to be able to sponsor a community event, this will help get your branding out there and give you a local presence. Being involved in a community shows that you’re invested there, and serves to bolster a potential customers opinion of your company.

Create your own event:

Plan an event and create an “event” on Facebook. Invite all your Facebook friends, ask them to invite their friends, and if you have a business page make sure to reach out to all your page likers as well.

Remember to take full advantage of the local clientele you build and put as much time as you can to pamper these connections. These will be the most important relationships that will create loyalty, rapport, and new business continuously.

Green Arrow Marketing can help put together a comprehensive marketing plan that’s custom built for your company. Marketing Tips are the tip of the iceburg, but we’d love to help you grow your business & take it to the next level! We can learn about your needs, your goals and your budget and build something that is a perfect fit to help you grow. Contact us today at 561-450-9288 or by emailing us at