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Resort And Casino Marketing


Resort and Casino Marketing

Historically, casinos and resorts were seen as a foot traffic-driven industry. But like everything else, in the past several years, resort and casino marketing has shifted. In today’s digital age, consumers are acting as their own travel agents and pursuing online avenues when choosing where to stay, eat, and play.

When your target demographic is researching social media and consulting online reviews for everything from the best happy hour specials to how to get a casino to comp their rooms, it’s important that your site offers many portals that will bring them right through your doors.

Green Arrow has the technical knowledge to take your casino and resort marketing to the next level by learning exactly what your potential customers are looking for. We’ll find out what questions they’re asking and audit your existing website for potential issues. Once we’re crystal clear on what they’re looking for, we’ll work with you to develop an SEO and keyword-driven content strategy that is sure to send your Google ranking through the roof.

The hospitality management professionals on our team will optimize your site’s existing content and incorporate engaging blogs, virtual tours, breathtaking images, and glowing testimonials all designed to improve online visibility and convert browsing into bookings.

Once we’re sure that you’re reaching the right people, we want to make sure that you’re setting yourself apart from your competition with one key ingredient: valuable content.

We believe creating useful and relevant content not only increases your indexability but that it is the secret sauce when it comes to conversions. Is your site user-friendly and engaging? Is it intuitive? Are you anticipating and answering visitors’ questions? Have you dedicated content to serve this need? Does your blog show customers how their lifestyle would be enhanced by visiting or booking a stay?

Finally, we’ll make sure that even indecisive visitors aren’t gone for good by encouraging them to sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs.

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