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Real Stories, Real People

How do I…
Change my oil?
 Fix my business?
 Get my relationship back On Target? Tame my Alpaca? Tie my shoelaces? Improve my SEO?
 Play Far Cry 5?

Content is everywhere. Name the topic. Name the subject. Name the problem and somewhere, in some language, in some form, there is a how-to explainer piece of content out there. The quest then becomes, as a digital marketing agency, how to get that content seen, and where should it live? Where should it be shared? How many clicks did it get? Did it get someone into a sales funnel? Did it generate a lead, did it generate a sale? ALL worthy concerns, ALL serve a valid purpose. I want something deeper than that.

It starts with On Target, today.

I’ve been in this space for over 20 years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve probably read it all. I’ve made podcasts, written thought leadership pieces, created a shit-ton of graphics, infographics, videos, and more. It’s always been about educating everyone about Digital Marketing, or SEO, or content creation, analytics; the same thing for over 20 years.

Thirteen years ago, I created On Target. It was built out of necessity, I needed a job after quitting a terrible one. I needed income, after quitting said terrible job, I built On Target to help brands grow. I built it to help them thrive, I built it because I wanted them all to win. Winning fuels my desire to be. I LOVE watching an On Target client get another lead, or close that big sale because of a strategic action that my team executed. I LOVE getting those phone calls from a school principal telling me how grateful they are that we filled their 2nd-grade classroom with new students. I love hearing from my mortgage broker friend that his team closed 18 loans this month because of a podcast series that we helped him create and promote. There is no greater thrill to me than to help people WIN.

People have been good to me. I’ve got some very loyal customers. Ones that believe in me, my team and our strategies. A few weeks ago, I caught myself creating my podcast The SmartAss Marketer. It was for me. It wasn’t for anyone else. It was a cathartic rant about someone who just didn’t get it. It was all self-serving. That was the last one I ever made. It occurred to me the other day, on my way home that PEOPLE have helped me build this company. Every one of those people have inspired me. They’ve either kicked my ass, taught me a few lessons, inspired me with their kindness, encouraged me to grow, encouraged me to never give up, or encouraged me to change in one way, shape, or form. People want to hear about people. They want to buy from people. They want to listen to people. They want to be inspired by their stories, they want a human on the other end. They want to hear empathy, sympathy, joy, sorrow, fear, angst. They want to hear about victories and defeats. They want to hear about overcoming adversity. They want to hear about roadblocks, challenges, and moments of clarity. My friends, that’s what I’m here to create now.


Stories from the very humans that have helped me get here. Stories that will inspire you, touch you, motivate you, scare you, empower you, fill you with joy, bring a tear, these stories are coming to life at On Target.

We’re starting a series that highlights the human spirit. It will push you and engage you. It might get you to question some of your deepest convictions. It’s not going to be all about business, it won’t be all about winning. It may be about losing, eating crow, grinding it until you’ve won. I cannot wait to tell you these stories, my amazing podcasting team, my content team, and my graphics team will all be working in unison to produce a show that you’ll want to share. A show that you’ll have to tune in to. Along with that audio show will be other species of content all meant to reinforce these stories of human triumph, despair, can-do-it, and conviction.

Please stay tuned to Fuel Up!, I can’t wait for you to meet these people.

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A humble thanks for your time today,

Tom Jelneck
CEO & Founder of On Target