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Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management

P.T. Barnum said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” While that may be true for celebrities looking to keep their names in the headlines, negative reviews, and online media coverage can destroy companies and brands.

Students are warned that embarrassing pictures will equate to missed opportunities with potential employers. Businesses can fall victim to an online smear campaign by a disgruntled customer. Wouldn’t it be great if someone was looking out for your reputation by smothering embarrassing photos and squelching bad reviews?

You’re in luck! There is a service that does exactly that…

Online Reputation Management

The goal of online reputation management, often referred to as just reputation management, is to diminish negative information and promote content that accentuates a client’s desired image.

Like a digital makeover, reputation management helps individuals and companies put their best foot forward online. We’ve all heard the dire promise that once something is online, it never disappears, which is mostly true. However, online reputation managers can get negative information about you or your company off the first few pages of google search results, so it basically doesn’t exist anymore.

But is it really necessary? Think about it: How many reviews do you read before you buy something? If you read 50 good reviews of a product and then one really awful one, does that awful one stick with you and make you question the product? What if the company responds to that review with an offer to appease the customer?

Be Transparent and Available

One of the most recent rules of business is to be transparent. What does that even mean? For one thing, people think that if they can interact with the POTUS on Twitter, companies should personally respond to their issues on Facebook. The public wants companies to address products and services publicly, ask for feedback, and basically have people devoted to responding to tweets and posts.

And they don’t just want it: They expect it.

Whether you are a one-person Etsy operation or a Forbes 500 company, customers, clients, and prospects are talking about you. And companies want people sharing Facebook updates, retweeting product launches, commenting on Instagram and blog posts. Scarily, this feedback has the potential to make or break your company.

Be Alert and Aware

Maybe you think you don’t have an issue because you don’t post to your social media profiles. Maybe you’re right. You can set Google Alerts for yourself, and be aware of what’s being said about you and your company. BUT, it only takes one really bad review to significantly damage your reputation. And it could be completely unrelated to your business or product. Maybe a spiteful ex or a disgruntled employee targets you and your business. Our professionals are trained to fix and enhance your digital reputation no matter who or what seeks to destroy it.

Want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online? Let the online reputation management experts at Green Arrow help you write your online story. Have you been the victim of an online smear campaign? We can help. Get in touch today to start your digital makeover by calling 888-248-2134 or emailing