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Nirvana for Brands Who Do Social Media Marketing Right


In an article published on Think with Google by the co-founders of brand-identity firm, Persona Partners, Americus Reed II Ph.D. and Samuel Botts highlighted the structure needed to effectively build devotion to a brand by applying Identity Loyalty principles through social media marketing campaigns. “A brand’s identity should be a clear, concise narrative that defines the brand’s values and ideals,” they wrote. “It should differentiate the brand, and if the narrative is sufficiently compelling, it can attract a profitable number of devoted consumers.”

According to Reed and Botts, when companies are able to successfully apply the fundamentals of Identity Loyalty to their social media marketing campaigns, “marketing nirvana” can be achieved, in which the “the brand and the target consumer become one.” Here are the key factors of Identity Loyalty that you can apply to your social media strategy in the hopes of reaching this zen-like level of marketing.

The first thing that an organization must do is create a positioning statement, a sort of guidepost in which all marketing decisions filters through. This statement encapsulates the value proposition and also the identifying factors that separate them from competitors. After the positioning statement is established, there are four central components brands must be aware of and they are:

  • Understanding the purpose of the brand
  • Brand standards and principles
  • Psychographic aspects of their target consumer
  • Value proposition the brand can offer to those they convert into loyalists

By applying this framework to communicate a brand’s message, it can also ensure that the content delivered through various social media channels stay true to the brand’s identity and values, further binding that loyalty to the brand in the consumer’s minds. When those positive associations are made to a brand, it is also harder for competitors to cast the brand in an unfavorable light as well.

And why should all of this matter? Because a brand’s identity that is both positive and powerful produces a deeper connection to their consumers, which influences their decision to seek its products and services, all the while making them come back for more. They also can be viewed as a type of missionary, spreading your brand’s messaging and defending it, too.

So, after knowing all that, how can a company successfully achieve this marketing masterpiece?

  • Commit to Authenticity: The Internet allows consumers to come together and discuss a brand, whether it is positive or negative. No matter how uncomfortable, transparency is an intrinsic part of the digital world, so it is important for brands to help guide conversations surrounding them. Negativities on social media must be addressed as it is a great opportunity to administer effective customer service in front of a large audience.
  • Invite Consumers to Co-Develop the Brand Identity: Since social media marketing allows brands and their consumers to interact in a way that could not be done before the Internet, these consumers can help in the formation of a brand’s persona. Urge your audience to share their experiences with your brand and to ask them what their wants and needs are in regards to your product and/or service. When comes to finding out what your potential consumer needs, ask and you shall receive. They will be happy to share how you can best serve them.
  • Be a Thought Leader: Too many times, organizations use social media to only spam their audience with reminders of their products and services, never offering them anything of value. There are many forms in which this value can take, such as articles helping your audience to solve a common problem or insight into trends within your shared industry. Whatever the value proposition you deliver through your social media channels, it needs to educate, encourage conversation, and acquire honest feedback. Use your social media accounts to convey your expertise in your specific industry by producing content that people will actually read and will want to share with others; become the thought leader in your space.

It is never a wise decision to jump into the world of social media marketing without a cohesive and well-thought out approach. Without a plan, it can hurt your brand, creating distrust for it, alienating yourself from potential consumers. For more information on effective digital marketing strategies that produce desired results, do not hesitate to contact the Orlando digital marketing experts at On Target Digital Marketing at 866-998-6886, or contact us online.

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