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Marketing Luxury Used Cars


Marketing Luxury Used Cars | 3 Simple Tips

When it comes to marketing luxury used cars, one of the most important things to remember is that you aren’t just selling a car, you’re selling a lifestyle. An image. An identity. Therefore, to sell luxury used cars, you need to extol not only the virtues of the car but also the idea of what kind of person drives that car and what kind of life they lead. In other words, you can’t use traditional used car sales strategies to sell luxury brands.


First, it’s important that the quality of your marketing materials matches the quality of the car. Of course, most dealerships don’t have the benefit of astronomical ad budgets like luxury or other car manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leverage the tools they do have to set themselves apart. Using high-quality photography and moving writing to draw customers into the luxury lifestyle they’re longing to be part of goes a long way and doesn’t cost a fortune.


Owning a luxury car makes people feel some kind of way. Sprinkling that feeling throughout your marketing strategy lets customers visualize themselves as that type of person, living that life, driving their families and friends around in style. Luxury car owners are no longer bothered by the commutes that frustrate other drivers because their car is an oasis. With lush seating, climate control at your fingertips, safety, security, and a stellar sound system, who cares if you have to sit in traffic for an hour?


Another factor to stress is the brand history. Luxury car brands do not get their reputations without a long history of success, durability, safety, exceptional technology and more. They are built to last, and last they do. For many, owning a luxury car has been a long-term goal and bringing that goal to fruition can be as affirming as buying a first home.

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