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Lead With the Little Things

Going above and beyond shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a standard. Don’t assume that business is just business. Show your clients that you care about them on a human level. Send them handwritten thank you notes, or record audio with your team singing them happy birthday. The little things are the heart of digital storytelling. The big advantages of your business are a given; use personal touches to let your clients know that you are human and, most importantly, that you care.

Let Me Tell You a Story

In my sophomore year of high school, I joined the photography club and became obsessed with capturing images. There, I met a good friend who I ended up staying in contact with for years to come. A few years ago, she became pregnant with her first child. Ecstatic, she contacted me to photograph her maternity shoot. There we were at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park, Florida, her with baby in her tummy and me with my baby in my hand — a Nikon D3100 camera with a 50mm lens. She could only afford a small package — about eight poses for a hundred bucks. But I was in awe at how much she glowed in the scenery, so I snapped, and snapped, and snapped some more. With her back against the brick arches layered with neon green pothos plants, she held her belly and looked down at her future.

After collecting a whole session of photographs (definitely more than eight), I was gleaming with excitement over the finished products. I decided to go a little further and do something extremely special; I designed a collage with three of the best images. A small deed, but full of heart. The sheer excitement on her face and in her voice was worth every second of additional labor.

She booked me again for her baby shower. Then all birthday parties thereafter. All the major milestones captured in the lens of my camera, for her to remember forever. Now, not only does she book me for her special occasions, but she recommends me to anyone who needs a photographer. That’s how you do business — going the extra mile and keeping a client for life!

Add Something Extra

Don’t assume the service and product you’re providing is enough. Go the extra mile to give your clients a remarkable experience they will cherish. There are so many ways to show your clients you appreciate them and make the interaction with your brand something truly special. Consider: 

  • A surprise discount
  • A personal touch meant just for them
  • A holiday card, via email or print
  • A freebie for a special occasion
  • A personalized tweet, post, or comment
  • A reward for being a loyal customer
  • A simple thank you

Human interaction is extremely important to your brand’s digital storytelling. At On Target, we are not robots; we are human beings — ready to talk to you at any given time. Let us tell your story and help you find ways to show your clients they are appreciated.