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Kiss and Tell

Your commute just feels longer during a holiday week. It’s science. The On Target Talks podcast is here to make your commute the bright spot in your day, or even just the bright spot on I-4. Join us this week to learn how design, social media, and copy are all affecting your brand.

Episode 2: Copy and Design Sitting In a Tree

This second episode of On Target Talks combines two unique topics: copy and design. While it may seem obvious that these two things go together, copy’s influence on design (and more importantly, design’s influence on copy) is often overlooked. They have a symbiotic relationship, and it’s important.

What else can you expect?

  • Introductions with some fun facts!
  • How copy influences design
  • How design influences copy
  • Someone is revealed to be colorblind

Episode 3: Social Media Is About Your Brand — Not You

This third episode of On Target Talks dives into how to humanize your content. However, with that, comes boundaries you can cross.

What will you learn?

  • What our office lizard is dressed up as this week
  • Advice on how to humanize your content
  • What platform is right for you
  • Don’t show too much personality
  • Our (marketing-related) pet peeves

Episode 4: We Do KISS and TELL

In this episode, our designers talk about one of the best ways to ensure your brand is visually cohesive, through a design principle called KISS. We give you a rundown and the magic number when considering a color palette and fonts. Listen now, and find out what it means and how we use it in our design process.

So what else might you hear?

  • How our MySpace days inspired us to be designers
  • A great book reference if you want to get into design
  • Our favorite brands that follow KISS
  • We know — that’s a lot. That’s why we’re breaking it down for you, week-by-week, day-by-day. Join us next week for more wit, charm, and marketing insights.