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How to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Leads

As years go by, the main social media channels that we use on a daily basis keep gaining more power and weight in the digital marketing strategies of every company. What originally started as a cool way to stay in touch with your friends and family (like Facebook) or as a way to be one of the first to hear breaking news (like Twitter), slowly but surely evolved into an almost mandatory set of marketing tools for most businesses. As marketers, we distribute our blogs, ideas, and branding messages to these different social media channels on a daily basis. We often are well engaged with our social media community, and we see our social media marketing plan growing every day. However, what we don’t see that often is the return on investment (ROI) from these channels.


While social media users are known as soft leads (as opposite as hard leads), this doesn’t mean that you are never going to be able to get a lead from your social media channels. In fact, you should spend some time thinking of new opportunities to generate potential clients from your social channels so your users can go from flirting with your company to falling in love with it. Today, we share an infographic with five social media marketing strategies to keep your social media lead base strong and growing.