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How Content Can Transform Your Business

Content is king.” You’ve heard it before. Hell, we’ve said it before, and with good reason — it’s the root of everything on the internet. Content is crucial to your business’ success, but are you effectively utilizing the content you create? Most people believe writing one piece of content is sufficient, but creative content marketing is a crucial skill to develop. It’s not about posting one brilliant blog post or one shareable tweet; it’s about consistently posting quality content that engages your consumers. 

Be Diligent, Not Lazy 

Being at the top of a Google search is all fine and dandy, but if you have boring, unrelatable content, your business can suffer. Dedicate time to creating quality content that people can relate to. If there’s room in your budget to spend some money on quality content, seriously consider it. It’s worth it in the long run. Connecting with others through amazing, readable, shareable content will grow your business, and people will start talking about you!

“Creating great content is not the finish line. It’s the starting line.”

– Mark W. Schaefer

Tell Your Story

Pay close attention to your consumers; they often make for exceptional content. Write a story that illustrates their experiences, or show support for clients by turning their stories into content. Not only will this help you gain insight into their needs, but you’ll also be creating human content. Long lists, too many paragraphs, and a sentence filled with 800,927.3 statistics can all turn consumers away. People communicate through storytelling that resonates with them. Put your customers first, and they’ll feel engaged. Create content that will leave people fascinated; create content that will inspire, engage, and leave a mark on people.

It’s Time to Lead

People want to learn from experts. They want leaders who can feed them amazing content in an effort to show them the correct path — whatever that may be. Create content through your lens of expertise; use the wisdom you’ve gained in your field to gain trust. 

Take a Walk

When you’re busy it’s hard to sit down and focus on writing for content marketing. Practice anything meditative from walks, listening to music, or breathing. Be aware of yourself as well as your environment. Simply moving will allow for a free-flow release of content with ease out of your head. Try writing the content and then walking away. Then, come back to it and revise. Afterwards insert a story to humanize the content. You’ll want to immerse others in your storytelling world. 

Engage others with what’s easiest for you. If writing content isn’t for you, then try creating a podcast, vlogs, or even memes! Creating content is about putting something you’re passionate in the world. It’s about immersing others into your storytelling.